Comeback Player of the Year: How Does Joe Burrow Stack Up?

Comeback Player of the Year: How Does Joe Burrow Stack Up?

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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Comeback Player of the Year: How Does Joe Burrow Stack Up?

After tearing his ACL last season in Week 11, Joe Burrow came into the season with a lot of hope. Not many thought that the Cincinnati Bengals would amount to very much this year. They have an ailing offensive line and did not make many moves on the defensive side of the ball. Furthermore, the Bengals were just 2-7-1 when Burrow was behind center. They finished 2-4 without him last year. However, Burrow showed in his rookie year that he did belong and that the Bengals have their quarterback of the future.

The Bengals have played really well so far this season and a lot of that has to do with Joe Burrow and his play. Through five games this season Burrow has thrown 11 touchdowns which is two less than he had all of last year. He has also increased his passer rating from 89.8 last year to a very solid 106.4 this year. Burrow has not only missed a sophomore slump, but he is excelling. 

Contrary to what many thought, the Bengals' defense is giving the offense chances to win games. They have allowed 20 points in a contest which gives Burrow ample opportunity to lead the offense to the win. The Bengals got off to a hot start this year and now sit at 3-2 on the season and tied for second in the division. If Burrow is able to work some magic then the Comeback Player of the Year is within reach.

The Bengals will need to play well for the rest of the season and will likely need to make the playoffs as the award is a two-man race at this point between Burrow and Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys. Prescott has thrown 13 touchdowns this year to Burrow’s 11 and has two less interceptions. That does not mean that statistics alone will give the award to Prescott.

Prescott’s stats might be better right now, but the Cowboys are just getting into the tough part of their schedule so Prescott’s stats might look much different in a month’s time. Burrow has played effectively and consistently all year long and that could mean as much as anything. I would look for Burrow’s counting stats to look even better in the coming weeks as he is set up with some below-average pass defenses.

In a big picture view, the Comeback Player of the Year is going to come down to Burrow or Prescott this season. Both quarterbacks are pretty similar statistically with Prescott holding a slight edge right now. Look for Burrow to close that gap as we get into November. Burrow has played great and looks like the true leader that the Bengals have been missing.

The race will be decided here over the next month or so and Joe Burrow has as good of a chance as anyone at this point in time. If he can keep up his play and lead the Bengals to a winning record, and a possible playoff berth, then voters will have a tough decision to make.

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