Defensive Player of the Year: How Can Myles Garrett Walk Away With The Award?

Defensive Player of the Year: How Can Myles Garrett Walk Away With The Award?

Barry Devoe
3 years ago
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Defensive Player of the Year: How Can Myles Garrett Walk Away With The Award?

The Cleveland Browns have been a solid team this season, and one of the main reasons why has been the play of defensive end Myles Garrett. There could end up being some nice hardware in the Cleveland locker room as he is currently listed as the odds-on favorite to take home the NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors.

We will dive into his season thus far and explain why he will end up being the best defensive player in the league once Week 17 concludes.

Could Take the Sack Record

When a season-long statistic is broken, it’s difficult to not reward that player. That is what Myles Garrett is on pace to do with the NFL sack record in a single season. Former New York Giants defensive lineman Michael Strahan with 22.5 sacks during the 2001 season. However, Garrett is sitting at seven full sacks through the first five games of the regular season.

When you look at what Strahan averaged during the 2001 season, he averaged 1.406 sacks per game. When you look at Garrett’s numbers so far this season, he is averaging 1.4 sacks per game. Remember that there is an additional 17th game this season, so that gives him the opportunity to pick up more, but even if he stays close to the pace and leads the NFL in sacks, that can be enough.

Lay Your Hits In

Just picking up sacks are nice but what Garrett really needs to do is be more impactful with his hits. He needs to force fumbles, which he has done throughout his career. In his first four years in the league, Garrett forced ten fumbles but has failed to do so through the first five games of the 2021 regular season.

If he can figure out how to get some big hits on his sacks or even just continue to force pressures and rack up analytical numbers. Garrett needs to add more than sacks during the season if he wants to remain the favorite for the award.

Not Too Stiff Competition

Myles Garrett should be able to win because there really isn’t great competition for him. No one is going to match him in sacks this season, and in terms of secondary players, opposing quarterbacks can just render them useless by not throwing the ball their way.

Garrett is arguably the best defensive lineman in the game today and should be able to continue adding to his season stats and solidifying his case.


Opposing offenses are going to game plan against him and send double teams his way, similar to what Aaron Donald faces for the Los Angeles Rams. If Garrett can add more than sacks and continue with an interception or some forced fumbles, it will really solidify his case and make him more of a favorite.

These things are fluid but Myles Garrett winning the NFL Defensive Player of the Year seems inevitable at this point of the season.

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