Five 2022 NFL Picks & Predictions Before Week 1

Five 2022 NFL Picks & Predictions Before Week 1

Nick Pedone
2 years ago
3 min read
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady holds up the number one ahead of game vs. Colts

The NFL is finally back, so there's nothing like some last-minute cramming for season-long betting picks and predictions.

Here are some bets that I am locking in before Thursday Night Football kicks off the NFL regular season.

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Browns Finishing Position In AFC North: Third Place (+180)

Many fans in Cleveland are still upset the Browns moved on from Baker Mayfield. But fear not! Cleveland will likely end up in the same, third-place position that they've become used to with Mayfield.

Without Deshaun Watson, the Browns drop back passing game isn't going to be anything to write home about. The hope should be that the season could be alive when Watson takes the reigns for the last six games.

It's hard to imagine the Steelers finishing in last place with Mike Tomlin, but that's what will need to happen for the Browns to finish behind the AFC Champion Bengals and Baltimore Ravens.

Josh Allen To Win NFL MVP (+700)

Let's ride with the favorite here. It's hard to believe that Allen has yet to win an MVP during his impressive time in Buffalo.

Many pundits expect the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl. If they have a historic regular season like people expect, you could expect Allen to hoist the MVP trophy.

Despite being the betting favorite, at 7/1 odds, Allen still offers a nice payout.

Mike McCarthy To Be First Head Coach To Leave (+600)

This is one of my favorite markets to monitor every year. The good ole coaching carousel.

Matt Rhule (+450) is the betting favorite to be the first coach to leave, but he might have signed a lease on new life after trading for quarterback Baker Mayfield. McCarthy, however, might not have that same longevity.

Just a few years ago, McCarthy pranked the world by declaring that after a hiatus from football, he learned analytics. Despite this, the Cowboys have repeatedly failed to meet expectations. 

After losing Amari Cooper to Cleveland, La'el Collins to Cincinnati, and trotting the bones of Jason Peters out to protect Dak Prescott's blindside, it wouldn't surprise me if McCarthy is forced to say goodbye to Texas somewhat soon.

Result For Super Bowl: Buccaneers To Beat Bills (+4000)

The script of this NFL season has already been written, it just needs to unfold on the field for these 40/1 odds to hit.

The Bills probably should've gone to the Super Bowl last year. Their roster is loaded with talent from the ground up. This is their revenge tour, and the world knows it.

I knew Tom Brady's touchdown bomb to Mike Evans wasn't the last throw he'd make. I called his retirement fake news the moment it was reported. As I expected, the GOAT is back for his proper farewell tour. Brady was never going to go out on a loss.

The NFC South is already a two-team race, with Atlanta and Carolina fighting for the bottom. The Bucs have Brady. The Saints have Jameis Winston. Who would you pick?

A championship for the Buccaneers this season could allow Brady to ride off into the sunset (or the FOX broadcast booth).

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