Five Wild Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets to Make

Five Wild Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets to Make

2 years ago
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At the Super Bowl Experience, an NFL Fan runs the 40-yard dash.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events to grace the screens of nearly 100 million on a yearly average. From the hardcore sports fan, the sports bettor all the way to the pop culture folks who watch for the commercials to see how many dogs are shown in various Super Bowl ads. This truly has become a celebration of what Americans love from all walks of life.

From the commercials, the Star-Spangled Banner time, to the game itself, here are some fun prop bets you can during this year’s Super Bowl!

NFL Scorigami

In sports, Scorigami (which is a word smash of score and origami) is a scoring combination that has never happened before in game within that league. It was coined by a reporter by the name of Jon Bois in 2017 and since then the craze has taken off. 

While it is rare, you can bet on NFL Scorigami in the Super Bowl, just make sure you are sure that it will happen as a yes will give you +1400 at the time of writing, if you bet on no, that will be -5000. So, you would have to bet a lot of money to make double your stake.

Mickey Guyton National Anthem OVER/UNDER 1:38.5 

Mickey Guyton has been chosen to sing the anthem at the Super Bowl this year. Oddsmakers have Mickey Guyton at over/under 98.5 seconds on the national anthem. She’s not one to mess around either, the two most recent appearances where she sang the Star-Spangled Banner, she came in under 1:30 both times at 1:25 and 1:27. The over/under on this at -115 for the over and the under and while I like the value of under personally, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the over hits. People expect the national anthem to be a mini show as it is.

Anthem Flyover: OVER/UNDER 4.5 Aircrafts in Flyover

Here’s another wild one for you, the flyover to have over/under 4.5 aircrafts in the flyover itself. The half in this case is to avoid a push on this bet so it’s either four or less aircrafts or five or more aircrafts in the flyover. The over sits at -108 while the under sits at -115. I’m inclined to take the over here since it would easier to get more value there pickwise.

Halftime Show: Any part of Eminem’s Performance to Be Censored

The Detroit hip hop artist is scheduled to perform among a star-studded cast for this year’s Super Bowl halftime show which includes Dr. DRE, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige. This is a YES/NO bet, any part of Eminem’s performance to get censored. If you’re familiar with Eminem’s early albums and some of the stories he told in those songs and albums, you know Eminem can be very vulgar. That’s why yes comes in as such a overwhelming favorite at -180 while no sits at +135. I would love to bet no but there’s a lot of Eminem’s music that isn’t meant for the little ears of the world.

Super Bowl Commercials That Have a Dog in The Ad OVER/UNDER 6.5

My personal favorite is this one. Considering that within a standard NFL broadcast from start to finish has 30-35 :90-3:00 spots for advertisements so if you do the math on that, that is about 60-65 minutes’ worth of ads that range anywhere from 15 seconds to 90 seconds. If I am a betting man here, you are a total square if you bet the under here. EVERYBODY LOVES DOGS! Take the over even though it’s the favorite at -125, the under is a good value pick at -105 but these are the fun ones to watch more often. People will remember those brands more because of the use of a household pet because of how close to home this will hit for people.

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