Five Stats About the Cincinnati Bengals You Should Know for Super Bowl LVI

Five Stats About the Cincinnati Bengals You Should Know for Super Bowl LVI

Willie Lutz
2 years ago
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Sam Hubbard holds up the AFC Championship shirt in Kansas City after the Bengals stunned Kansas City in an overtime thriller.

The 2021 NFL season seemed to fly at a record rate. Frankly, not many people expected the Bengals to be playing in Super Bowl LVI. Even star quarterback Joe Burrow admitted the run has defied his preseason expectations. On that note, it wouldn’t be surprising if most fans didn’t know that much about these Cincinnati Bengals. Here are a few stats for all fans that will get them ready to see Cincinnati take on the Los Angeles Rams. 

Ja’Marr Chase has 108 Yards on 4 Catches Against Man Coverage in the Playoffs

There are plenty of stats available that reveal the phenomenal rookie campaign produced by Ja’Marr Chase, impressively even into the playoffs. However, with the expectation that Chase will spend a lot of the Super Bowl matched up with Jalen Ramsey. 

While Ramsey is regarded as the league’s best cornerback, it’ll be key to see how the Rams plan for Cincinnati’s rookie superstar. Don’t forget, Chase isn’t far removed from putting talented corners like Marlon Humphery and Rashad Fenton on ice skates. If Los Angeles wants to put Ramsey on Chase man-on-man all day long, they could be in for a very long Sunday. 

Evan McPherson is 12-for-12 on Postseason Field Goal Attempts

Are the Bengals in field goal range? With Evan McPherson, the answer is probably yes. Including two game-winners against the Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs, the rookie kicker has been automatic in the playoffs (and for much of throughout most of the season). Even though he’s a 22-year-old, the kicker has veteran poise that’ll do him big favors on one of the biggest stages in sports. 

Jessie Bates III is Pro Football Focus’s Highest Graded Postseason Safety

After a somewhat choppy 2021 regular season, Jessie Bates III is making his presence known in the postseason. Now, Bates has the highest defensive grade (88.1) and coverage grade (88.6) among his position mates in the playoffs. Not to mention, Bates recorded an interception on the first play from scrimmage in the Bengals win over Tennessee and key pass break up to force the pivotal interception in overtime against Kansas City. Simply put, Bates is a big factor for Cincinnati on Super Bowl Sunday. 

There Are Only 8 Bengals Left from the Marvin Lewis Era

Zac Taylor has only been the Bengals head coach for three seasons, but his facelift to the franchise took quite the overhaul. From Marvin Lewis’s 16-year tenure in Cincinnati, only 8 players remain on the team’s roster, surprisingly it’s also a bunch of key players. 

Kevin Huber, Clark Harris, CJ Uzomah, Jessie Bates III, Joe Mixon, Tyler Boyd, Trey Hopkins, and Sam Hubbard all have starting roles in Cincinnati heading into Super Bowl LVI. Obviously, it’ll be the first Super Bowl appearance for any player on that list. 

Joe Burrow Has Led Four Second Half Comeback Victories this Season

If there’s one Bengal that every fan can recognize, it’s Joe Burrow… and with Joe Burrow, the Bengals are never dead. In wins over the Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, and twice against the Kansas City Chiefs, Burrow led the Bengals from second half deficits to win in clutch opportunities. So, caution to the Rams, Burrow and the Bengals are going to be hard to keep down, even if they dig themselves an early hole. 

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