Five Things That Need Changed in the Browns Next Five Games

Five Things That Need Changed in the Browns Next Five Games

Nick Pedone
1 year ago
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Five Things That Need Changed in the Browns Next Five Games

The Browns have five games remaining. 

If they win those five, they're in the playoffs. If they lose those a few, they'll be watching from home.

Here are five things that need changed if the Browns want to make the postseason.

No. 1: Culture

Boy. This hurts to write.

There's plenty of reasons to believe the Browns will beat the Baltimore Ravens and make up ground in the AFC North. But there were some ugly quotes that came out of Berea again this week.

On Friday, Myles Garrett claimed the Browns were not as focused as he wanted them to be this week. On Thursday, John Johnson III explained that the team has "just kind of laid down" in a few losses this season.

At 6-6, there's seemingly a lack of leadership. A lack of culture. A lack of identity. Remember, winning cures everything.

No. 2: Playcalling

Speaking of leadership, it's time for the NFL Coach of the Year to rally the troops offensively.

Since October 10, the Browns have scored more than 17 points just one time. They've scored just seven points in fourth quarters since that date as well. Sure, the QB play has been bad. The wide receiver play has been inconsistent. But there's a bigger problem there.

In their Week 12 matchup against Baltimore, the Browns ran the ball just 17 times. They need to use Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt more down the stretch.

In the immediate, the Browns will be without David Njoku (COVID) and Harrison Bryant (ankle). Stefanski needs to put his philosophy aside and get the wide receivers more involved, especially on first and second down.

No. 3: Quarterback Play

Something about Baker Mayfield has looked off since Week 2.

Oh yeah, he tore his labrum.

Still, Mayfield has had time to adjust from that injury. He's had a little more time to rehab the fractured humerous, as well as the heel injury that had his entire foot taped up like a sock in Week 12.

Like many things offensively, Mayfield needs to play better.

Even in the ugly performances, he gives you a throw or two that makes you remember last season's success. He needs to build off those throws, and the coaching staff needs to trust his ability to let it rip in key situations.

No. 4: Defensive Consistency

As troubling as the offense has been, the defense is up for a hell of a five week run.

They play Lamar Jackson, Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Burrow down the stretch.

Most of those quarterbacks are stacked offensively, and have good enough offensive lines to keep them upright. If the Browns can continue to slow down offenses like they have in the last two weeks, that helps a lot.

However, if they have a 40+ point slip up like what happened in New England and Los Angeles this season, that could derail everything.

No. 5: Penalties

The Browns are the sixth most penalized team in the NFL.

Penalties will happen, but most of Cleveland's are avoidable pre-snap penalties that ruin drives. Clean those up, and the offense will have to look at least a little better.

The Browns will play against teams led by John Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin, and Matt LaFleur. Those three gentlemen will make any team pay for foolish penalties.

It's an uphill battle for the Browns, who are favored against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium.

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