Myles Garrett + Jadeveon Clowney = At Least One DPOY Award

Myles Garrett + Jadeveon Clowney = At Least One DPOY Award

Jordan Klimack
2 years ago
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Myles Garrett + Jadeveon Clowney = At Least One DPOY Award

In 2020, Myles Garrett was leading the NFL in sacks and forced fumbles, through the first 10 weeks of the season. 

Then, Garrett grew ill with COVID-19. It did not end Garret’s season – as he came back from the illness to partake in the Browns first playoff games since the early 2000’s.

It did, however, slow down the production, speed and endurance of a man who was poised to take home the DPOY award.

Garrett was never the same.

"What If"

It left Browns fans scratching their head and wondering “what if.”

What If Myles Garrett never fell ill with COVID-19.

Would he have been Defensive Player of the Year?

We’ll never know.

One thing was for sure, though – Myles Garrett needed some help on the defensive front.

 On April 14, 2021, Jadeveon Clowney and The Cleveland Browns agreed to terms on a one-year deal, worth up to $10 million.

Can Clowney stay healthy?

Can he re-gain the form that made him a number-one overall pick?

Through the first week of camp, Clowney has Browns fans salivating at the mouth.

In fact, there was a practice earlier in the week where Clowney could’ve recorded 15-20 sacks in one practice alone.

The number one ranked RT in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus is Jack Conklin.

Clowney has been making lunch out of Conklin through the first week of practice.

Sure, it’s just training camp but Clowney seems to be the healthiest and most engaged he’s been throughout his entire career.

It’s a contract year for Clowney – his one-year deal will expire after the 2021 season.

He’s motivated.

He’s hungry.

He wants to earn another big pay day.

Well, he’s found himself in the perfect situation to do so…

Clowney Helping Garrett

A productive Clowney means a productive pass rush for the Browns.

More so, a productive Clowney means one-on-one matchups for Myles Garrett, who has been double, triple and quadruple teamed throughout his whole career.

As it stands right now, Myles Garrett has the second-best odds to win NFL DPOY at +600, just behind the favorite, Aaron Donald at +400.

If the Jadeveon Clowney of the first week of training camp shows up on Sundays – Myles Garrett will win the 2021 NFL DPOY award.

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