NFL 2021 Fantasy Football Kicker Rankings

NFL 2021 Fantasy Football Kicker Rankings

Barry Devoe
3 years ago
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NFL 2021 Fantasy Football Kicker Rankings

When looking for a kicker in your fantasy football draft, I would advise waiting for others to pick off the top of the board simply because the situation and offensive success have a great impact on the value of a fantasy kicker, and I think that you could pretty easily stream kicker each and every week without losing many points to the field, if any. Being flexible at kicker is the way to go since you will never be tempted to take a star kicker in a bad environment, and you will likely not have a kicker that you use a bench spot in case of injury or bye week. 

I’ll give my top 5 overall if you do want to spend draft equity at kicker and a bit of a rundown of why I like them, and then I’ll list the guys I’ll look to draft for streaming purposes. 

Justin Tucker

Justin Tucker is likely the most well-known and consistent kicker in the league for an elite offense. The team trusts him and will use him from anywhere on the field before the 50-yard line. I expect the Ravens to be in a lot of big games where three points matters, and I expect their offense to increase in overall scoring this year, which helps Tucker.

Harrison Butker

Harrison Butker wasn’t elite last season, and that is my biggest concern with him relative to Tucker. Kickers can be inconsistent, and it can even cost them a career, and Butker could just magically become less than the kicker he has always been following his struggles. I’m not betting on this, but I’m not going to put him in front of a legend because of that fear. 

Greg Zuerlein

Greg the Leg is another famous NFL kicker, and I think that truly impacts the coaching staff’s willingness to use him, as he is known for making long field goals. Those are the most important kicks in fantasy football, and I think Zuerlein should continue to produce on them this season. I also love the Cowboys' offense and expect him to get plenty of easy points in a dome. 

Ryan Succop

Ryan Succop was my favorite streamer last year that just became my week-to-week kicker due to his performance. Succop was an easy target very late in drafts before he had the kicker job locked up. His offense should be elite, and he plays in Florida in a division that shouldn’t have major weather issues in most games. That’s exactly what we look for in a fantasy kicker.

Tyler Bass 

Tyler Bass is another player on an elite offense that is worth getting to in fantasy and whatever format you have. There is a world where Bass struggles in weather games and sees fewer opportunities due to bad weather in Buffalo, but he will be just fine for weeks and weeks to start the season. 

Other Interesting Options

Robbie Gould

Robbie Gould is a guy I would target in fantasy drafts this year. He plays on an offense that should be much improved. He is in a good weather stadium and division outside of a rainy game in Seattle. He also sees the easiest schedule in football, which can lead to a lot of points and a lot of kicks. 

Josh Lambo

I expect Jacksonville to be much improved offensively this season, especially early in the season with the matchups they get. Josh Lambo will be free in every single fantasy league and starts with games vs. the Texans, Broncos, Cardinals, and Bengals. That is a great four weeks for you to have great weather and matchups while you wait for another kicker to make a case as a waiver add.

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