NFL 2021: Worst 10 Games on Schedule

NFL 2021: Worst 10 Games on Schedule

Ayden Fahlstrom
3 years ago
3 min read

The NFL schedule has been released, with 2021 being the first season with 17 games in NFL history.

While we all can’t wait for NFL Sundays to be back in our life, there are a few games we likely won’t be watching too attentively. Here are the worst ten games on the NFL schedule we’ve found.

Week 1: Baltimore Ravens vs Las Vegas Raiders

An interesting choice the NFL made for the opening Monday Night Football game of the year. We’ll be forced to watch rival Baltimore start their season against a Raider team that perpetually folds in prime-time games. 

Week 2: Cincinnati Bengals vs Chicago Bears

We’re all excited to see what former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields can do in the NFL. Knowing the Bears organization, there’s a real chance we’ll be deprived of Fields to begin the season, which is a shame.

With Joe Burrow also working his way back from a torn ACL and MCL, this game may not have either high-profile quarterback in the fold.

Week 2: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

This Monday Night Football game could be ugly if Aaron Rodgers indeed forces his way out of Green Bay like expected. Detroit doesn’t have much to feel good about in 2021 and should be rough viewing on a weekly basis.

Week 6: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Philadelphia Eagles

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a game with as big of a disparity in quality of play as this one. You have the defending champion Buccaneers taking on the 4-11-1 Eagles, with a new quarterback and coach.

This Thursday Night Football game could be over by halftime.

Week 6: Cincinnati Bengals vs Detroit Lions

Another ugly game on the Bengals mark, this consists of two of the worst teams in the NFL a year ago. The expectation is not much should change, making this a potential snooze of a game.

Week 8: Bengals vs Jets

Week 10: Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers

We promise we’ll stop picking on the Lions now, but any game with this lackluster Detroit offense is acceptable to skip. Unfortunately, they may be gifting Pittsburgh a pivotal late-season win. We will have to hope that Detroit comes through for us, a dangerous thing to hope for.

Week 12: New York Jets vs Houston Texans

With the current mess in Houston, it’s fair to say that all 17 Texans games qualify for this list. We’ll go with the game with the worst opponent on their schedule, the Jets.

Week 16: Jacksonville Jaguars vs New York Jets

This game does consist of the top two quarterbacks drafted, Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, but these are also the two worst teams from last season, combining for just three wins.

To make matters worse, the annual London game is back, with the product of these two teams. Not a great representation of what the NFL has to offer.

Week 17: Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints

In their first year without Drew Brees, it will be interesting to see what the Saints can do. There’s reason to be pessimistic about New Orleans’ chances, and the Panthers don’t offer much marketability to get excited about.

Week 18: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens

The worst part of these games on a yearly basis is that one of these two teams has to win. Hopefully, this isn’t a game to determine the winner of the AFC North, with the Browns already locking up first by this point.

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