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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes scrambles against Los Angeles Rams

NFL MVP Odds: History

History backs a quarterback to win MVP for the most part. Peyton Manning has been named MVP five times and is the only player to win it with two teams. Over the past two seasons, Aaron Rodgers has won the NFL MVP honor.

Futures Betting in the NFL

Futures bets are long-term bets that you can start placing as early as pre-season. Futures markets involve predicting outcomes such as the season’s MVP or the coach of the year. 

If you intend to bet on the probable NFL MVP, you’ll be involved in the futures market. Here is an example of how the odds for players in contention for the MVP award appear.



Josh Allen 


Jalen Hurts


Patrick Mahomes


Lamar Jackson


Justin Herbert 


Joe Burrow


A $100 bet on Josh Allen, who is the favorite in this table, would win you $140 at the end of the season if Allen is named the MVP. If Joe Burrow, who is less favored, is named the NFL MVP of the season, your $100 bet on him would fetch you $2,200 at the end of the season.

NFL MVP Odds: How the Odds Change

Futures bets differ quite a bit from the usual short-term bets you might place during a season. The NFL is unpredictable, and so is picking out the MVP of the season. Factors such as game-to-game form, strategic changes, and injuries all impact the fluctuating odds throughout the season.

NFL MVP Odds Strategy

Same man, new odds.

In futures bets, you can benefit from the long-term nature of the wager by shopping for the right odds once you’ve placed your bet. Once the season starts and the odds change, you could even find more profitable wagers on the player you’ve picked to win MVP.

Embrace the volatility

The NFL is unpredictable, and that will most definitely impact your odds. Embrace this inevitable situation instead of fearing it. As mentioned in the previous point, you can actually use the volatility to your benefit. You also can hedge any previous bets that may be going sour because of how much time there is in this market. 

Do your research

Some players are known to start well and fall away in the middle of the season, and there are late bloomers. If you find a reputable analytics source, you can learn every candidate’s history and make informed decisions.

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