NFL News & Notes, May 14: LaFleur Craves for Rodgers, Antonio Brown’s Law Trouble

NFL News & Notes, May 14: LaFleur Craves for Rodgers, Antonio Brown’s Law Trouble

Ryan Knuppel
3 years ago
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This Friday wasn't that turbulent in the NFL. All the news was mostly about off-field matters, yet some of them might have a big impact on the upcoming season. 

LaFleur and the Packs Desperate for Rodgers 

Green Bay's head coach was pretty straightforward, describing how much he wants Aaron Rodgers to get back to Lambeau. 

"We want him back in the worst way," LaFleur stated at the press this Friday afternoon, adding that he and the entire organization are trying to sort the whole dispute in any possible way.

In the meantime, the franchise from Wisconsin once again confirmed its stance that they don't want to trade Rodgers.

However, the reigning MVP is still not interested in coming back, and there isn't any fresh news coming from his side. There are various speculations about his future, especially the next destination. Some suggest that he might end up in Denver, others in San Francisco, while the latest rumors link Rodgers and the Houston Texans.

LaFleur also spoke about Blake Bortles, the veteran QB who recently signed with the Packers. The young head coach reminded everyone about Bortles' background and his 2017 playoff run with the Jaguars. The Jags eliminated the Bills and the Steelers before losing to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

Watson's Accusers Allegedly Want to Settle Out

Tony Buzbee, the attorney of 22 women that sued Deshaun Watson, allegedly tried to reach out to the player's legal team, Rusty Hardin said. Hardin, Watson's attorney, released a statement on Thursday afternoon in which he revealed this information.

Buzbee would deny such claims the next morning, but Watson's legal team has evidence that backs up their story, per several media. 

If by any chance this matter resolves quickly enough, the Texans' QB might be ready for the start of the 2021 season and avoid a possible suspension. 

Regarding his relationship with the Texans, Watson is determined to leave the franchise and continue playing elsewhere. 

Old Sins Catching Up With Antonio Brown

The Buccaneers' wide receiver had an altercation in 2020 and is now being sued over the same. The driver of a moving truck vehicle, Anton Tumanov, with whom Brown had an issue in January last year, filed a lawsuit against the player. 

It all started because of a dispute about the payment, with Brown throwing a rock at the truck before allegedly physically attacking Tumanov, who was in the truck cabin. Tumanov wants more than $30,000 per source.

Brown had a very important role in the Bucs Super Bowl quest, especially in the last several weeks and the playoffs. It was the main reason why the franchise from Tampa Bay decided to stick with the controversial receiver, clinching a new deal with him recently.

No.6 Pick Waddle Signs With the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins and their sixth selection from this year's NFL draft, Jaylen Waddle, signed a four-year deal this Friday. Per sources, the player would get $27 million, with $17 million being a signing bonus. 

The majority of the analysts believe that Waddle is the best wide receiver in the entire draft class, predicting the youngster a bright future. The former Alabama player is expected to become Tua Tagovailoa's primary target immediately.

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