NFL Playoff Odds | Your Guide to Betting Success

NFL Playoff Odds

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NFL Playoff Odds: History

The longest consecutive NFL playoff appearance streak belongs to Kansas City Chiefs, who have made it to the playoffs for seven successive seasons. 

Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Tennessee Titans are all tied at three, while 2022 champions Los Angeles Rams have made it through to the playoffs in two back-to-back seasons.

Futures & Outright Betting on the NFL

Long-term bets are divided into two categories – Futures and Outright bets. Markets for both are up and running before the season begins. Futures bets include predictions on conference champions, playoff qualifiers, and other individual awards. 

NFL playoff odds fall under futures. Here is an example of how NFL playoff odds will appear on sportsbooks.



Atlanta Falcons


Arizona Cardinals


Detroit Lions


Seattle Seahawks


Carolina Panthers 


Chicago Bears


If you bet $100 on the Atlanta Falcons and they qualify for the playoffs, you will make $250 based on their playoff odds. Additionally, a $100 bet on the Chicago Bears, who are placed lower on the table and not as favored, will win $1,600 if they make the playoffs.

NFL Playoff Odds: How the Odds Change

Since the long-term betting markets open before the start of the season, the initial odds are somewhat sentimental. This is a major factor that separates long-term bets from short-term ones. These long-term odds start to change as soon as the season kicks off.

The NFL playoff odds will have its favorites, but it still is quite unpredictable. Factors like recent form and injuries to key players add up over the course of the season and make the odds fluctuate.

NFL Playoff Odds Strategy

Look for value throughout the season

Value is the basis for decisions made by seasoned bettors. By shopping for the right odds at the start of the season and then expanding your horizons once it begins, you can capitalize on the long-term nature of this market. With the odds changing once the season begins, you can place smaller, more profitable bets. The right answer is usually a mix of both, not just one.

Futures odds are erratic

The unpredictability of the NFL is bound to affect your odds, and you must embrace that fact. Monitor the tables to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way and possibly hedge previous bets. 

History matters but isn't everything

Watching games will help you better than anything else when it comes to the playoffs market. Historical playoff qualification streaks do not always inform what is about to come, so be mindful of adjusting your radar as the season progresses.

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