NFL Playoff Picture Preview: Current Standings

NFL Playoff Picture Preview: Current Standings

Ryan Knuppel
1 year ago
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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts celebrates touchdown against Green Bay Packers

Now that we are in Week 12 of the NFL season, it’s an adequate time to take a look at the playoff race up to this point. The standings have been changing every single week, and that is going to continue to be the case throughout the rest of the year.

There is still a good chance that the state of Ohio will be represented in the NFL Playoffs, but only one of the two teams has a legit shot at the moment. This has been an interesting NFL season, and there have been a ton of upsets that are impacting the playoff picture.

With almost 12 weeks of NFL Football complete, here is how the playoff race is shaping up.

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AFC Is Top Heavy

The AFC has been considered the better overall conference since the preseason, and that is starting to look like it’s going to be the case. When it comes to the playoff picture in the AFC, you are going to see some great teams at the top of the standings.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the current leaders of the AFC, as they are the only team with an 9-2 record or better.

The Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills are both 8-3 in the AFC East, and the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans are also in that group of teams as division leaders. These five teams have some separation from the pack through 12 games, but there is still plenty of football left.

Currently, the New York Jets hold the seventh and final playoff spot in the AFC at 7-4 as they trail the Cincinnati Bengals. These standings will continue to change as there are big divisional matchups remaining.

NFC Battle Is Wild

Things are starting to shape up at the top of the NFC standings, but that’s not the case after the two best teams. The Philadelphia Eagles lead the way with an overall record of 10-1, and the Minnesota Vikings are right behind them at 9-2. 

These standings in the NFC are going to look strange when you look at them, as there are actually a couple of 7-4 teams that are in the sixth and seventh position. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants are currently in as Wild Card teams as they trail the Philadelphia Eagles in their respective division. 

The San Francisco 49ers lead the NFC West with a record of 7-4, and that has them in the third spot in the NFC standings. 

Tampa Bay has dropped to 5-6 after losing in overtime to the Browns, still holding on to the fourth spot in the NFC standings. 

This Wild Card race in the NFC is going to be wild up until the end of the regular season, as there are still about 5-7 teams that are still in the mix. While the AFC might have better teams, it is the NFC that will likely produce more drama.

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