NFL Trade Deadline: One Trade Each AFC North Team Should Make

NFL Trade Deadline: One Trade Each AFC North Team Should Make

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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NFL Trade Deadline: One Trade Each AFC North Team Should Make

The NFL Trade Deadline is less than two weeks away on Tuesday, Nov. 2 at 4 p.m. EST. There are many teams who are nearing playoff contention that are looking to make some moves to improve the weaknesses of their team.

The AFC North is shaping up to be a good battle heading into the middle part of the season. The Ravens and Bengals have the talent and record to make a push for playoff contention. The Browns and Steelers are on the outside looking in but could turn it around with a few moves to help their chances moving forward.

Let’s take a look at these four teams out of the AFC North and what each team should do to help them get into the playoff race.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens currently sit at first place in the AFC North with a record of 5-1. Baltimore, who started off the season losing their top three running backs to injury, have averaged 164.5 rush yards per game. About 70 of those are from Lamar Jackson, which means that the running backs are still getting 100 yards per game.

Other teams are taking notice and are looking to trade for one of those running backs. None of the running backs have been exceptional, but currently, Latavius Murray is the lead back for the team. I would think that Ty’son Williams is on the trade block.

I could see the Ravens, including him, and some picks to try to get an offensive tackle to help protect Lamar and the running game.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have been a big surprise this season, going 4-2 thus far and taking second place in the division. There is no secret that the Bengals need help in their offensive line, and with their playoff hopes alive, I think they will have to make a move before the deadline.

I could see the Bengals trading away a pick to get someone like Ted Karras from the New England Patriots. Karras has been a great interior offensive lineman so far, and the Bengals are waiting on Trey Hopkins to get back to 100% after tearing his ACL last season.

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are too talented to be 3-3 right now, but their lack of consistency has been detrimental. The elephant in the room is that Odell Beckham Jr. needs to be traded or released at the end of the season. Baker Mayfield and Odell have not found the connection they were looking for, and Odell is wanted outside of the Browns.

With the recent injury to Kareem Hunt, the Browns are looking for a running back to backup Nick Chubb. There have been talks that they are looking at Marlon Mack from the Indianapolis Colts to provide some more depth in the back field as they look to get back into playoff contention.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh has been extremely underwhelming this season behind the struggles of Ben Roethlisberger and the offense. They still sit at 3-3 and have the ability to shake things up at the trade deadline.

Joe Haden and Eric Ebron are two trade targets that could be given up by the Steelers before the trade deadline. These players could be traded for picks to help out in future years as the Steelers are getting older and may have to move on from Big Ben soon.

A playoff berth this season would be nice for the Steelers, but a more realistic tactic would be to plan for a rebuild and look to the future.

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