NFL Win Totals: AFC East Predictions

NFL Win Totals: AFC East Predictions

Grant Puskar
1 year ago
4 min read
New York Jets' Aaron Rodgers looks on during practice

If you're like me, you're itching for football to return to the TV. 

Training camp is underway, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game is near as well as the preseason, and futures bets are being placed for not just the NFL, but for College Football as well. 

Let's start in the NFL and let's start in one of the most intriguing divisions in all of football: the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills: O/U 10.5 wins

Over -159, under +128

Last season: 13-3

When you have Josh Allen at quarterback, you're always in a position to win a football game. 

That said, he is playing in a much tougher East division this season, with Aaron Rodgers joining what was already a loaded division. 

I've said it before and I will say it again, I do think Allen is a bit overrated. All the hype and all of the offseason numbers are great, but when it comes postseason time, he tends to turn the ball over, which is not a winning recipe. 

Losing running back Nyheim Hines for the entire season is a big blow, especially considering how thin they always seem to be at running back. 

The one-two punch of Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis is always going to produce, as long as they are together. 

Going out and getting Leonard Floyd is a move I am a fan of, as I can't wait to see him on the same defense as Von Miller. 

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I see the Bills taking a step back this year, but still hitting the over on their team win total. There are a few divisions that could have multiple playoff teams come out of them this year, so it should be fun. 

Final prediction: Over wins, 11-6 record

Miami Dolphins: O/U 9.5 wins

Over +100, under -121

Last season: 9-8

If Tua Tagovailoa stays healthy, there is no reason the Dolphins can't finish ahead of the Bills this season. If I wasn't clear, again, this division is absolutely loaded

They have the quickest and most electric receiving core in arguably all of football, they have a solid defense, and they added Jalen Ramsy this offseason.

Rumor has it they are still interested in free agent Dalvin Cook, but who knows if they will sign him. That said, I am a believer that they still need some help at the running back position.

It's never this simple, but it seems like if Tua can just stay healthy, they will win football games. 

Breaking down this division is not for the weak, as it produces a headache anywhere you look at it. I'm taking the Dolphins to hit their over this year and make a slight improvement from last season, not knowing how far they will go. 

Final prediction: Over wins, 10-7 record

New England Patriots: O/U 7.5 wins

Over +101, under -125

Last season: 8-9

A disclaimer that should be added right off the jump: I am not a Mac Jones fan, and I have never been a Mac Jones fan. 

We all know who the head coach of the Patriots is, and in my opinion, he is the only reason this team is worth having a competitive discussion about. 

The defense is always solid, but after that, lookout. 

This offseason, the Patriots added WR JuJu Smith-Schuster to their receiver room, as well as a few other pieces. 

While everyone says defense wins championships, given the way the current NFL is structred, that is something that I no longer stand by. They will struggle this year, and this will be the final straw for current quarterback Mac Jones. 

Final prediction: Under wins, 7-10 record

New York Jets: O/U 9.5 wins

Over -125, under +101

Last season: 7-10

There is no question that the Jets are not going 7-10 this season. The real question: does Aaron Rodgers still have enough left in the tank to get them where they need to go? 

My short answer to that question is yes. Some will say he had a down year last year, which, while it might be true, I think we all knew (including Rodgers) that he just needed a change of scenery. 

The Jets have a strong defense with a lockdown corner in Sauce Gardner. They have a solid defensive line. Decent linebackers.

How about the offense? Well, they have the receievers they need, and they have Breece Hall at running back, a back that a lot of experts are excited to watch. 

It won't be easy for the Jets, given that they once again are in a tough division. 

Usually it takes time for big quarterbacks to adjust in a new system and new scheme, but considering Rodgers age, time is not really on their side. 

I think Rodgers and the Jets will click pretty quickly, and they will have a solid season while feeling relieved that they traded for the 39 year old quarterback. 

Final prediction: Over wins, 11-6

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