Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens Bet Preview Week 18

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens Bet Preview Week 18

Barry Devoe
2 years ago
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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens Bet Preview Week 18

The second and third-place teams in the AFC North are set to meet with huge stakes in the final week of the NFL regular season. In Week 18, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens both need a win over one another and some help in order to reach the playoffs. With the Ravens entering this game as five-point home favorites, they are expected to have the upper hand, but the Steelers could use an emotional edge to sneak past them.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh moved to 8-7-1 on the season with a win over the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football this past week. In what was likely Ben Roethlisberger’s last home game as the quarterback of the Steelers, Pittsburgh did just enough offensively to win, relying on their defense to shut down Baker Mayfield and the Browns. This week, the Steelers will need another exemplary defensive performance to keep their playoff hopes alive.

For Pittsburgh to qualify for the postseason, they need a win, a Colts loss against the Jaguars, and for the game between the Raiders and Chargers to not end in a tie. It is highly unlikely for the Colts to lose to Jacksonville, as Indianapolis is a 15-point favorite in that AFC South matchup. But the Steelers have a chance to send Roethlisberger out with a win in this game, even if they don’t get the help they need to make the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens lost their fifth straight game last week against the Los Angeles Rams, dropping to 8-8 heading into the final week of the regular season. After an 8-3 start to the year, the Ravens find themselves in 11th place in the AFC standings now and need some significant help to get to the playoffs. Baltimore needs a win over the Steelers, and losses from the Chargers and Colts, and a loss or tie from the Dolphins to get into the postseason.

If the Ravens want to get to the playoffs, the status of Lamar Jackson will be important going into this game. Jackson is questionable with the ankle injury that has kept him out over the last few weeks. Even if he does play, how healthy and how mobile Jackson is could be what decides the fate of the Ravens’ season.

Keys To The Game

The biggest key for the Steelers heading into this game is how well they are able to move the ball offensively. Pittsburgh’s passing game has been less than stellar this year, as Roethlisberger has really shown his age. Ironically, it could be Roethlisberger’s performance that decides whether or not the Steelers are still in playoff contention after this game against the rival Ravens.

Baltimore’s biggest key to this game is their defense, as the defense of the Ravens has the potential to make up for their offensive flaws. Pittsburgh has elite-level skill position players in Najee Harris and Diontae Johnson, but they are way below average at quarterback. If the Ravens can take advantage of Roethlisberger’s woes, they could keep their playoff hopes alive with a win in Week 18.

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