Six Reasons Why We Love Baker Mayfield

Six Reasons Why We Love Baker Mayfield

Nick Pedone
3 years ago
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Six Reasons Why We Love Baker Mayfield

We're just six days away from Baker Mayfield's Cleveland Browns taking the field for their 2021 campaign against the Kansas City Chiefs. Here's six reasons why we love Baker in Cleveland.

1. Baker's The Ultimate Underdog

Folks from Cleveland know what it feels like to be the underdog, and so does their franchise quarterback. Mayfield walked onto two college rosters, Texas Tech and Oklahoma, before being named the Heisman Trophy winner and No. 1 overall draft pick.

Much like Cleveland, when the cards are stacked against Mayfield is when he shines his brightest.

2. His Pride For The Browns

Before even being selected by the Browns in 2018, Mayfield told the media that if anyone was going to turn the organization around, it would be him.

Since then, he has led the Browns to a winning season and the playoffs, despite an unaligned organization with coaching changes and new schemes constantly surrounding him.

3. His Calculated Antics

Mayfield has matured a bunch since entering the league in 2018.

At Oklahoma, he was known as a bit of a wild-card that wasn't afraid to outmatch his opponents mentally, or grab his nuts on the sideline.

However, Mayfield remains true to himself. He'll defend himself against Colin Cowherd, take a subtle jab at Rex Ryan's foot fetish , make light of Antonio Brown's antics , etc. Mayfield knows how to push the envelope just far enough to keep our intrigue.

4. Mayfield Cares About Cleveland

In 2020, Mayfield and his wife, Emily, made a $50,000 donation to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayfield and his wife took to social media to announce their donation and encouraged Clevelanders to donate their own small amounts to the food bank to help those in need during challenging times.

Aside from the pandemic, the Mayfields have continually worked with the Boys and Girls Club locations around Cleveland. Also, when Mayfield was fined by the NFL and fans created a GoFundMe to help him pay for it, he donated all the money raised to the Providence House to protect at-risk children in the community.

5. His Swag

Chances are, Baker Mayfield is *probably* cooler than you.

Before the draft, Mayfield was rocking jean shorts in a viral, Brett Favre-inspired Instagram post.

We've all seen and cherished the clips of him air-drumming to Phil Collins, dancing in the locker room after beating the Steelers, and sprinting down the sidelines to catch up with Nick Chubb after a big touchdown run.

Also. Who can forget that world famous shotgun at Progressive Field?

6. Winning Above All

While all of these things are what makes Mayfield a polarizing figure in Cleveland, he has made true on his word and helped turn this team into a winner, which is what matters most.

Just like his days at Oklahoma, Mayfield has made the Browns relevant against all odds. His leadership on and off the field mixed with with his pinpoint accuracy is why Cleveland loves Baker.

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