Thanksgiving Day NFL Parlay

Thanksgiving Day NFL Parlay

Ryan Knuppel
3 years ago
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Thanksgiving Day NFL Parlay

It’s that time of year again, so before making the picks, allow us to just wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a reminder to eat all the pumpkin pie possible.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to look at the three games on the slate. To choose the winners in all three, so a winning parlay can be the best dish all day.

Lions +3 vs Bears

It matters not what the Lions record to this point in the year has been. They have been doing a ton of losing and are yet to come out victorious in 2021. But, it’s a long year, and this is their longstanding tradition. Good things can happen for them, and it’s only a matter of time, honestly.

Chicago is likely to be without Justin Fields, which would mean that Andy Dalton will be the QB for this one. He wasn’t too good around the holidays last year and is coming off a tough loss to the Ravens just a few short days ago.

Make sure to ride with the Lions. If it’s Goff, Boyle, or Blough, they will still find a way. They will not go winless. After this week, it’s behind them.

Cowboys -7.5 vs Raiders

It’s a tough existence for the Raiders right now, who have had more negative off-field issues than they have had on the field success. Considering that they have defeated some great teams, this year has been filled with far too much turmoil. They may have a hard time trying to slow a Cowboys team coming off a difficult loss.

Dak Prescott can throw the ball to anybody and make them look like a great receiver. That is the takeaway of the year so far, including the plays he made at the end of a surprising Denver blowout a few weeks ago. He will have to do just that as CeeDee Lamb is questionable and Amari Cooper is out.

This is a game that will be won by Dallas, though. Jerry World is the place to be this Thanksgiving.

Saints +4.5 vs Bills

The Saints will be running Trevor Siemian out there at QB for the rest of the year, with Jameis not expected to return this season. The Northwestern product has had his moments but is clearly not THE guy for them this year, making far too many mistakes over the course of each game. He’s still the same guy he was for Denver.

As for Buffalo, they have been a bit disappointing of late. The lack of a run game is catching up with them, and they got torn to bits by a scorching hot Colts team. They have so much to improve on and don’t come into this game with any kind of momentum. They’ll have the best player between the teams calling the shots in Josh Allen, though, and they’ll need him.

Buffalo’s slide will continue as they lose in the Superdome. This is one the Saints know they have to have. And they will.

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