The Browns Need To Do These Three Things This Offseason

The Browns Need To Do These Three Things This Offseason

Ayden Fahlstrom
2 years ago
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The Browns Need To Do These Three Things This Offseason

The Cleveland Browns have a pretty solid roster but there is always room for improvement. Today we are going to discuss the top three things that Browns GM Andrew Berry should do this offseason to ensure a better season.

Re-Sign the Defense

There are a few notable defensive players that can become unrestricted free agents and it is best to keep them in Cleveland because the defense was not the problem during the 2021 campaign. The four main players they should focus on retaining is Jadeveon Clowney, Malik Jackson, Malcolm Smith, and MJ Stewart. I signaled these four out because they all played important factors into the defense at specific points in the season. 

The top priority would be Clowney as the defensive line is a lot tougher to guard against with a duo of Clowney with Myles Garrett as both are going to demand a lot of attention. With some players still on team-friendly contracts, it makes it a lot easier to keep a guy who can get after the quarterback. 

Look for a New Quarterback 

This isn’t saying go out and get a new quarterback just because, it is saying look and see if you can upgrade the position. Baker Mayfield has had his moments but he is looking to be the third-best quarterback in his draft class and he was the first pick overall. Cleveland has already seen four years of Mayfield and he doesn’t seem to be more than a middle-of-the-road quarterback that can get you to the postseason but cannot bring you the Lombardi Trophy. 

There are expected to be some quarterbacks that could be looking for a new home like Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston, Aaron Rodgers, and Teddy Bridgewater but those are going to cost either a bigger chunk of the cap or draft picks to get. Looking to improve the quarterback situation should be a priority because a good quarterback will always keep you in the game and the Browns have lacked that for a few decades now. 

Find a Wide Receiver to Replace Odell Beckham Jr

With Odell Beckham Jr gone and Jarvis Landry about to enter the final year of his contract, Cleveland needs to add another wide receiver that can help in the passing game. There is a lot of talent that can hit the open market as Davante Adams, Will Fuller V, Chris Godwin, and Allen Robinson are on top of the wide receiver free agent market currently. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all going to be available but there are definitely a bunch of solid options in the lower level like a Juju-Smith Schuster that can be that complimentary piece. Giving Jarvis another player that the defense can focus on will help him and also give guys like Donovan Peoples-Jones a chance to break out more often. It also will help whoever is under center have more options and open up one of the best running back rooms in the entire National Football League. 

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