The Browns NEED to Sit Baker Mayfield

The Browns NEED to Sit Baker Mayfield

3 years ago
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The Browns NEED to Sit Baker Mayfield

I love Baker, like many people in this city do. However, there comes a point in time where everybody needs to be protected from themselves. Baker has past that point, and he has to do the smart thing and pass the reigns to Case Keenum.

The update today from Berea today was not a good one to say the least, it's about the worst case scenario you could've asked for. Baker Mayfield has a fully torn labrum. Previous reports were that it was partially torn. When the news came via Twitter, Nick, Phil Taylor and myself were in the studio recording another episode of The Sports Parlor podcast. We all had an extended conversation because Baker is talking with a bit of an attitudinal tone. He said, to put it short, calling the shots.

Now, knowing several people who have torn shoulder and hip labrums (from experiences as a collegiate athlete) you can play through some of these types of injuries but it is NOT a comfortable experience is what my two closest friends in college told me. Both of whom tore labrums in their hips with one actually tearing both hip labrums within a period of about a year. I don't want to necessarily take my chances here with making this injury worse but at the same time I DO NOT want to fold, to use a poker term, on this season right this second. 

There's plenty of season left and to have a shot at the playoffs as is, we need EVERYBODY healthy for that run and for that to happen, Baker needs to protected from himself. I admire the guys for the gutsiness that he has as that's something very much Ohio built in my eyes for many Browns fans like myself. I would just prefer being safe considering we are almost playing our second string offense out there as is. There's a lot missing missing from this team injury wise at the moment and Stefanski will not really tell us much until they are set to come out of the tunnel in a national spotlight and a MUST WIN game versus the Denver Broncos. 

The confirmed absences ahead of Thursday night are as follows:

Nick Chubb


Kareem Hunt

The latter two are going to be on IR and out for up to six weeks possibly, Stefanski has not ruled out Conklin or Willis from playing on Thursday nor has he ruled out Jarvis Landry. This Thursday for the Browns is a must win and can either right the ship or start the full on downward spiral. One thing is clear, Baker needs to be saved from himself on the injury front. 

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