The Browns Should Keep Kareem Hunt in Cleveland

The Browns Should Keep Kareem Hunt in Cleveland

Nick Pedone
10 months ago
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Browns running back Kareem Hunt rushes after taking a handoff from Deshaun Watson

When Nick Chubb speaks, people listen.

"He's my best friend, on and off the field," Chubb said of Kareem Hunt, who has recently requested a trade from the Cleveland Browns. "I want him to be here. Whatever they got to do to keep him here."

That quote speak volumes, especially coming from an athlete who usually keeps quiet. While Chubb wants to keep his best friend in Cleveland, he also understands what Hunt means to the Browns offensive identity.

Hunt, who signed a two-year deal to stay with the Browns last offseason, is looking for another contract renewal. He was recently fined for not paricipating during team drills at training camp and his trade request was denied.

The Browns have had too many players demand out of Cleveland recently. The Odell Beckham Jr. trade request was mishandled publicly, as he never wanted to give Cleveland a true chance. 

Not to mention, the Browns overplayed their hand in Baker Mayfield's trade situation, only receiving a conditional 5th round pick for the quarterback they will be paying to start against them Week 1.

The Beginning of the End

When the Browns drafted Jerome Ford in the fifth-round and brought back D'Ernest Johnson, the writing was on the wall for Willougby South High School alum Kareem Hunt, who is 27 years old.

But Hunt doesn't have the mileage of other 27 year-old running backs due to suspension, injury precaution, and splitting time in the backfield with Chubb. In just eight games last year, Hunt averaged nearly five yards per attempt. There's still gas left in the tank.

Trade Kareem?

Trading Hunt will not yield the return that Browns fans are looking for. This team has enough mid-round picks to feed a village, and they won't be getting anything more than that for Hunt.

The simplest solution is to give Hunt an immediate pay raise for his services. The Browns have plenty of cap space for this current season to make that happen. Figure out the rest later.

There's way too much uncertainty with this offense to let one of their most talented players walk away.

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