The Browns Want to Wear White Helmets in 2022 Whether You Like it or Not

The Browns Want to Wear White Helmets in 2022 Whether You Like it or Not

Nick Pedone
3 years ago
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The Browns Want to Wear White Helmets in 2022 Whether You Like it or Not

The Cleveland Browns are teasing something for July 24.

Sadly, I don't think that something is Joel Bitonio being featured on the Sherwin Williams billboard made famous by LeBron James and Nike.

I don't think this is orange jerseys, either.

The Browns are going to officially unveil the internet's worst kept secret, the drop shadow numbered "throwback" uniforms with the 1946 patch.

The Browns are celebrating the franchise's 75th anniversary this season. Signage is already hanging at FirstEnergy Stadium. The throwback uniforms will likely be this month's big surprise.

One thing will be missing, though white helmets.

Paul Brown's Cleveland Browns wore white, leather helmets in 1946 until 1951. In 2021, however, the league's one helmet rule will remain intact.

Almost perfect timing, as the NFL just approved alternate helmets for use with throwback uniforms beginning in 2022.

In 2019, Browns owner Dee Haslam said the helmet would be unchanged during the team's new rebrand. However, with the instant popularity of the color rush uniforms made popular by Baker Mayfield's first primetime victory as well as the plain uniforms released for last season, the Browns are probably willing to push their limits.

The Browns cannot and will not mess with their normal uniforms they wore during 2020, as they have four more years until they are allowed to make a change to the primary look. However, celebrating the 75th anniverary is a perfect way to bring out an alternate helmet for 2022.

If the white helmet idea flops, they could just wear an alternate white or grey facemask, as we saw both in the 2000s. If they really want to spice it up while keeping the orange, adding a player's jersey number to the side of the helmet was done in 1957-1959 and was brought back for a few games in 2006-2008.

Maybe it's just a daydream, but something about the image of Mayfield playing meaningful December football in 2022, wearing an all white Browns uniform with a white dome gets me fired up. 

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