The NFL's Top Free Agent Wide Receivers

The NFL's Top Free Agent Wide Receivers

Tyler Vaysman
1 year ago
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Steelers Wide Receiver Juju Smith-Schuster warms in Kansas City before his Steelers play the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead

There's plenty of teams in the process of starting their offseasons with only 4 teams still in the hunt for Lombardi. Here's betJACK's top free agent wide receivers.

Odell Beckham Jr. - Rams (UFA)

Odell is undoubtedly one of the more prominent names on this list, and for a good reason. Since leaving Cleveland bitter or not for Browns fans, he has looked great in the Los Angeles offense.

Yes, the Rams do have a lot of weapons, so Odell is not relied upon as heavily as he was in his time with both the Giants and Browns, which seems to be very beneficial for him.

His regular-season stats don't exactly jump off the page, but his injury-plagued start and poor performances at the start of the season likely siffled his line of 44 catches, 537 yards, 5 TD.

The 29-year old wideout, however, possesses a unique ability to make catches nobody else can. His trademark one-handed catch has become a staple in many young wideouts arsenals, but Odell is still king in that department. 

Byron Pringle - Chiefs (UFA)

Pringle, often overshadowed by stars Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Mecole Hardman, had a very respectable season. In 2021 the Chiefs 28-year-old wideout went for 42 catches, 568 yards, 5 TD. 

Just by watching him play the game, it's very apparent that he has explosive traits. Pringle's acceleration is top-level, which is probably why the Chiefs have him returning kicks.

His ball skills are excellent, and although he has a small frame has shown the ability to highpoint the ball when needed. Based on athleticism and the fact that he hasn't seen many targets, there's no question that you could see major improvements with more opportunity.

Look for him to go to a team that needs a down-the-field threat and more speed on their roster. One team that comes to mind is the Browns. Now they already have Jarvis Landry and Donovan Peoples-Jones so Pringle could come in and play third-fiddle.

JuJu Smith-Schuster - Steelers (UFA)

This is one player who definitely will not be heading to the Browns, and it's nothing personal, just geographical. The Steelers wideout had a huge shoulder injury early in the year, leading to 2021 becoming somewhat of a wash for JuJu. 

In the games he played at the onset of the season, he still accumulated five catches and 129 yards. However, we did see the Tik-Toking wideout make his way back in January for a playoff matchup with the Chiefs, but he was obviously a bit rusty.

He would be an excellent fit for any team looking for a guy who can come in and compete for you at a high level right away. He will be a hot commodity come this off-season for many teams.

Those are just some of the big names that many know about, but the free-agent pool is stacked this off-season with very serviceable wideouts.

Below are some of the other top names. 

Emmanuel Sanders - Bills (UFA)

A.J. Green - Cardinals (UFA)

Kalif Raymond - Lions (UFA)

DJ Chark - Jaguars (UFA)

Sammy Watkins - Ravens (UFA)

Allen Robinson - Bears (UFA)

Chris Godwin - Buccaneers (UFA)

Russell Gage - Falcons (UFA)

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