Three Cincinnati Bengals Future Bets to Make Right Now

Three Cincinnati Bengals Future Bets to Make Right Now

Ryan Knuppel
3 years ago
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Three Cincinnati Bengals Future Bets to Make Right Now

The Cincinnati Bengals will be a lot of fun to watch in 2021. They have retooled a bit and perhaps now, they will be able to show some steps in the right direction. Joe Burrow will hopefully be able to stay healthy for the duration of the year, giving them some kind of fighting chance at the start of every game.

This is the perfect time to make future bets, with the season a month away and a lot scheduled to go down between now and then. Here are a few ideas and suggestions.


The season is still several weeks away, but that makes it a good time to look at the schedule. With week 1 odds already available, why not take a crack? Minnesota has some holes in their lineup and had plenty of struggles throughout last season. A week 1 blitz is always a possibility. Just look at last year’s Jaguars.

When they took a week 1 victory (before losing out), they surprised a lot of folks. And the Bengals team here is just so much better than last year’s JAX squad. So why not take the underdog to start the season off on a high note? With fans in the stands, they will have great support.

Also, picking against Joe Burrow is hard. So, there we are. BENGALS +3.5. Week 1.


The second bet comes in the win/loss department. The team is capable of doing a lot, assuming they can stay healthy. Burrow is simply a winner and makes a lot of big plays. And even with a horrid O-line last year, he threw just five interceptions before his injury, compared with 13 TD’s. He has great control of the ball and limits his mistakes.

With Ja’Marr Chase joining Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd, they have three very good receivers now. The run game should be a little better, with Mixon continuing to work out there. They will be able to have a number of big scoring drives against good defenses.

There are winnable games on every team’s schedule. And Cincy will also claim victories in the tough ones.

Over 6.5 wins.


According to all the oddsmakers, +500 is the chance being given to the Bengals to make the playoffs. And this is absolutely a low-risk bet to make. It isn’t a crazy idea to pick them to get in, and if you wager a couple of hundred dollars on the possibility, there could be a nice payday.

The team has all the tools necessary to win 8-9 games. And with the extra game being played this coming season, there is an added chance. The seven-playoff team format gives hope to all the teams in Cincy’s position.

Looking at it realistically, they play in a tough division. And the only team they could possibly be better than is the Steelers. But if they can pull that off, perhaps they can sneak in as a No. 7. There is a reason that the games are played in reality and not on paper.

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