Three Keys to a Browns Thursday Night Victory Against the Denver Broncos

Three Keys to a Browns Thursday Night Victory Against the Denver Broncos

3 years ago
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Three Keys to a Browns Thursday Night Victory Against the Denver Broncos

So, here we are. This is where the Browns get tested. The Browns have 18 on the injury list. Of that list, three are confirmed to be out with 13 more on the injured reserve list. Of those on the IR, you have Kareem Hunt, JOK, Chris Hubbard and Andy Janovich to name a few. Needless to say, the Browns are snakebitten with injury. But with that said, this is a winnable game, here's what I think needs to go down for the Browns to win tonight at FirstEnergy Stadium.

1. Get Felton and Johnson involved early

I love the Demetric Felton pick up, the kid has a chance to be something very special. I think getting him and D'Earnest Johnson going and into the fold early in the game will be critical as the rushing attack is the Browns MO and everybody knows it. However, you can do a lot of different things with Johnson and Felton in the back field. It will be interesting to see how Stefanski dials it up for those two tonight.

2. Spread the ball around, especially if OBJ is in the game/get OBJ going offensively

This sounds like two keys in one but I promise it isn't. With Odell being a game time decision (at the time of writing this article, he is questionable), you have to do a great job of reading the game if you're Keenum and spread the ball around to guys like OBJ (if he plays), DPJ and Anthony Schwartz. I've always thought that this offense is best with three step drops and quick progressions and pre snap reads so with that in mind, Case, spread the rock to everyone. Especially if Odell plays, someone needs to make this QB to WR1 connection work out somehow.


THIS IS IT! This is my key and lock for the week. Case, for all Browns across the country, please do not turn the ball over. I trust you with this offense being a veteran in this system so make it look good while you do it. I'm already nervous enough to put it frankly about the rest of the season so give me something to not be nervous about please and thank you.

I don't think that this game is rocket science but the Broncos defense still has some REALLY good talent so I do worry about that going into tonight's primetime matchup. You know I'll be watching, very nervously watching, but watching and hoping for Victory Friday. 

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