Top 5 Moments in Browns vs Bengals Rivalry

Top 5 Moments in Browns vs Bengals Rivalry

Barry Devoe
3 years ago
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Top 5 Moments in Browns vs Bengals Rivalry

Since the 1970s, the Cleveland Browns have developed a fierce rivalry against the Cincinnati Bengals. Since then, they have faced each other twice a year, except 1982 due to a strike-shortened season and in 1996-1998 for a relocation controversy.

These two teams have had plenty of differences throughout history, the most noticeable being their geographic location on the opposite sides of Ohio. Not only are they the opposites as to where they are at, but they are also the contrary from each other from a sociocultural standpoint, which adds a special ingredient to this clash between pride and honor in football. However, several moments stand out more than the rest over the years.

Cleveland Browns 34 - Cincinnati Bengals 0, October 18, 1987

Under the direction of coach Marty Schottenheimer, the Browns obtained their largest victory in this rivalry by leaving the Bengals at zero points following a display of dominance on the field. With four TD passes by QB Gary Danielson, the team secured an important win in the series history and left a mark on the Browns’ pride.

Cleveland Browns 29 - Cincinnati Bengals 26, October 19, 1995

In a record for the 1990s, with legendary coach Bill Bellichick, the Browns kept a winning record in this matchup, 8-2, as part of a seven-win streak from 1992-1995. This was a very tight game that was finally decided by a kick by Matt Stover, who scored on field goals five times during this game. It took overtime to push the record forward and to assert dominance in the Browns-Bengals during this period.

Cleveland Browns 22 - Cincinnati Bengals 14, December 28, 2003

The Browns, in December 2003, defeated the Bengals to continue to advance in the playoffs. This came when they left the Bengals behind in a game that finished 22-14. In this game, the rookie RB Lee Suggs ran for 186 yards and was a key player for the team’s victory, scoring two touchdowns in a rivalry that meant much more in the postseason.

Cleveland Browns 24 - Cincinnati Bengals 3, November 6, 2014

One of the most important comebacks in the team’s history, due to the context at that moment, came when QB Andy Dalton was able to drive the Browns for a win against the Bengals. The final score was 24-3, even though the Browns had a tough start in the game. Dalton was still able to get the victory thanks to his rushing game in no small part. The team rushed for more yards on this game than the season at that point.

Cleveland Browns 35 - Cincinnati Bengals 20, November 25, 2018

With QB Baker Mayfield as a rookie, the Browns dominated the Bengals in this turning point and the beginning of the Mayfield era. He moved the ball forward for 258 yards and 19 out of 26 passes. Playing on the road in the early stages of his career, the now established franchise player made a huge statement to confirm his status on the team for years to come.

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