Top Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets

Top Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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Top Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets

Week 5 provided a lot of good looks at injury situations that either emerged last week or emerged throughout the slate of games themselves. Let's get into the best targets on the board at each position.


The story remains unchanged for me here. If you can stash a rookie QB for late-season upside. Go for it.

If not, nothing has really changed for me at all at the QB situation, and there weren't a bunch of QB injuries that would have you shuffling your roster too much week to week.

Running Back

At running back, there are three situations to target for me.

The first one is the Kansas City Chiefs backfield. Darrell Williams and Jerrick McKinnon are both solid waiver adds this week, with Williams being the priority and McKinnon being a fine consolation prize.

McKinnon really hasn't been involved at all until last week, but that involvement existed pre-CEH injury, meaning that I think there's a world where McKinnon is just carving out a larger natural role in the offense.

Devonta Booker is another player to target, with Saquon Barkley suffering a nasty ankle injury last week. Barkley has been injury-prone throughout his career, and this is yet another setback.

We usually see the Giants roll with one main back, and this appears to be Booker. Is he some elite talent or in a great system? No, but his volume should be fantastic.

Khalil Herbert was very involved with the Bears running game last week, and the Bears seem determined to run the ball. Herbert was explosive in college, and it seems like the Bears really trust him to be a basic equal to Damien Williams. He's a solid pickup to watch this week.

Wide Receiver

If Kadarius Toney is available, you have to make him a priority this week simply because of his volume and ability to make big plays. Toney was a star in college and is putting his skills on display after a slow start to the season.

If you are in a deep league and want a real flier, Josh Gordon did play very limited snaps last week and looked just fine doing so. Reports out of KC are glowing, and Andy Reid said they planned on him getting closer to 20 snaps last game before they had to go into memory hurry-up offense while trailing.

You'd assume this role would expand, especially given the different body style he brings to that room.

Tight End

Ricky Seals-Jones is a priority add for me at the tight-end position if he is available in your leagues. Seals-Jones took over the Logan Thomas role in its entirety, and that means playing basically every single play.

We talk about bellow backs a lot in fantasy football, but the Washington Football Team seems to prefer using a bellow tight end, and Seals-Jones is that.

Outside of players like Darren Waller and Travis Kelce, I don't think you can project many TEs to see more snaps and routes than Seals-Jones.

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