Top Three Storylines to Follow for Browns Camp

Top Three Storylines to Follow for Browns Camp

Cole Paganelli
3 years ago
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Top Three Storylines to Follow for Browns Camp

As the rookies have arrived at camp and the veterans soon after, the quest for the Browns to return to the playoffs will be underway. But first, there are several big things to keep an eye on when Cleveland takes the field for the first time since losing in the Divisional Round to the Chiefs.

Among several, here are the three biggest storylines to follow as Browns' training camp gets underway.

How does Anthony Schwartz fit into the offense?

The Browns have a lot of depth at their skill positions. From the Nick Chubb-Kareem Hunt duo at running back to Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry at wideout, as well as Austin Hooper and David Njoku at tight end. But in the third round of April's draft, Cleveland selected a receiver who has the potential to be a difference-maker right away.

Auburn wide receiver Anthony Schwartz wowed the Browns with his speed, as he proved himself to be one of the fastest players in college football. Schwartz was used in a variety of different ways at Auburn, including as a guy who could get the ball in the backfield and get several touchdowns per year on the ground.

There is no doubt that a player like Schwartz is still raw, but Cleveland would not have drafted him on day two if they weren't going to get him time on the field right away. So how Kevin Stefanski or offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt utilize their newest weapon will be fascinating to see in the early stages of camp.

Can Garrett and Clowney become an elite duo?

The Browns' defense was a few steps behind their offense in 2020, particularly when it came to rushing the passes. All-Pro edge rusher Myles Garrett had a fairly good year despite suffering from residual side-effects from his bout with COVID-19, but the rest of the unit lacked some punch, racking up 38 sacks total.

However, the signing of former first overall pick Jadeveon Clowney to flank another first overall pick, Garrett, gives Cleveland a chance to have a dynamic pass rush. Clowney has failed to deliver on his massive hype when he entered the league in 2014, but he has still put together a solid seven-year career in the league. But now on his fourth team in as many years, the 28-year old needs to prove he can still be an effective starter.

Based on potential alone, the 25-year old Garrett and 28-year old Clowney are right there as one of the most talented duos in the NFL. But injury-risk aside, we'll now get to see them together in action and view how having one will benefit the other when it comes to how o-lines attempt to contain them.

Will Baker Mayfield grow even more?

When the Browns went 11-5 last season, quarterback Baker Mayfield was given a ton of credit, and deservingly so. He threw a career-low eight interceptions, including just two picks that occurred from Week 8 on and throughout the playoffs. But what more does he need to prove as he aims to earn a massive contract extension in the near future?

Mayfield has all of the pieces around him necessary to succeed, including an elite running back duo to fall back on and an offensive line that is near the top of the NFL. But it was a little surprising to see how much better Mayfield got after Beckham's season-ending injury, as well as how guys like Hooper couldn't really form consistent chemistry with their QB. To take the next step, Baker will need to find a way to form a rapport with all of the weapons the front office has provided him.

So during training camp, seeing how he can spread the ball around while still keeping turnovers low will be a huge factor into determining just what type of quarterback the Browns will be getting in 2021.

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