Washington Football Team New Name Odds

Washington Football Team New Name Odds

2 years ago
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Washington Football Team New Name Odds

The Washington Football Team's new name is inching closer and closer, they have the list down to eight. There's a few that I honestly really like and would be intrigued to see the color scheme and logo designs for. Of course, there's odds to go with those so we'll take a look at those too.

Commanders +600

This is a name I really like and can see a really cool incorporation of that matte olive green within some of the uniforms and of course be a mainstay on the helmet. Commanders of several United States Military branches work in the Pentagon, so that box is checked. Commanders are leaders, so this could be a chance for the team to encourage their fanbase from all corners of the DMV area to be leaders in whatever cause they choose and potentially partner with some really cool charities and have a charitiable campaign surrounded on help people become the next generation of leaders.

Armada +1000

An Armada is a fleet of warships. This would in reference to another one of the military branches of the United States, namely the Naval Academy in Annapolis. I love the logo oppotunities just upon searching it. There's a video out via the NBC Sports Youtube channel from Pro Football Talk that the logo on the helmet could be a W on the helmet with an A superimposed in the middle of the W very similar to the Washington Capitals alternate logo where the negative space is actually the United State's Capitol building.

Football Team +300

Familiar territory I guess. I was never a huge of the name, but this is a viable option considering that no major North American team (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) has done this prior to Washington, Washington can also stay on the jersey as a wordmark on the jersey. It is clear upon writing this that the organization has grown fond of this moniker because of how unique it is. A lot of people have this as one of the favorites ahead of the name reveal which is due to happen on the second of February.

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