Which Ohio Team Will Record The Most Wins in 2022?

Which Ohio Team Will Record The Most Wins in 2022?

Sam Frohman
2 years ago
3 min read
Browns running back D'Ernest Johnson is tackled by Cincinnati Bengals defenders

Ohio has gone from a subpar sports state to being one of the most prolific sports states in the nation. The Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Bearcats and the Ohio State Buckeyes are the teams representing the state from both professional and college that have the best chance to record the most wins in the state.

This was not always the case. Ohio State has been consistently the top dog for Ohio, but the Browns, Bengals and Bearcats are new to this category of winning. With this increase in competitive teams in Ohio, it is much more of a toss up for who will take the reigns for the state this season.

Let’s break down each team in Ohio and decide who has the best chance of having the most wins in the state in 2022.

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Cleveland Browns (+600)

The Browns have a team that is built to return to the playoffs even though they are in the tough AFC North. The biggest detriment to their team is that their new quarterback, Deshaun Watson, is suspended for the first 11 games of the season which puts a lot of pressure on Jacoby Brissett to handle the load while he is out.

According to betJACK, they have the worst odds out of all four teams as it stands today at +600 to lead Ohio in victories. These odds will change greatly depending on how well Brissett can lead this team in the first 11 games of the season.

Cincinnati Bengals (+250)

Bengals’ fans are not used to being in this conversation and would have laughed at being in the top four of the state last season before Joe Burrow came in in his second season to lead them to the Super Bowl. With an upgraded offensive line, the Bengals are the real deal this year.

The Bengals have the second best odds in Ohio at the moment at +250. If Burrow and the Bengals can stay healthy for the majority of the season, they have a really good chance of coming out on top.

Cincinnati Bearcats (+400)

Another new contender in this discussion is the Cincinnati Bearcats. Coach Luke Fickell has taken his knowledge and experience from Ohio State and made the Bearcats legitimate again. They will have a tough matchup in week one at Arkansas for their first SEC matchup in a few seasons.

They have the third best odds to win the most in Ohio at +400. Their week one outcome may weigh heavily on the Bearcats’ chances, but if they are able to take care of business in Arkansas, they should be smooth sailing the rest of the season.

Ohio State Buckeyes (+125)

The Ohio State Buckeyes have the best chance of all of the Ohio teams to come out victorious as the team with the most wins in 2022, and it is deserved. They are in a top five matchup in week one at home against Notre Dame but are 17 point favorites as it stands today. That is unheard of for any top five matchup.

Their odds to record the most wins in 2022 are at +125 according to betJACK. CJ Stroud is returning for his second season for the Buckeyes and is looking for vengeance as Ohio State missed the Playoff last season.


The Bengals and Browns have the advantage with five more potential games to win, but I think Ohio State will still come out victorious in the quest to win the most wins in Ohio. The Buckeyes are returning some key players and look ready to make a push for the Playoff and I expect them to play for a National Championship this season.

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