betJACK Bets: What is an NFL Teaser?

betJACK Bets: What is an NFL Teaser?

Kurt Blakeway
2 years ago
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It is no surprise that the NFL is the most-watched and bet-on sport in the United States. Whether you're watching your hometown team, tracking all the players on your fantasy rosters, or having a friendly wager on the MNF game, the NFL has total control over you and the sports world.

As the NFL continues to grow its fan base and gain popularity, so does the sports betting industry. With sports bettting becoming legal across the United States, there are many ways new ways professional bettors can wager on an NFL game. One wager that has been gaining steam and become very popular within the betting industry: teasers.

As we introduce NFL teasers, we will walk you through what exactly a teaser is, how to find the best teaser options, and give out our favorite teasers for this upcoming week.

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What is an NFL Teaser?

An NFL teaser is similar to a parlay in that you add multiple legs that must all win for the bet to pay out. The key difference from parlays is that a teaser allows you to add or subtract points to a point spread or add or subtract points from a game total.

The most common teaser is a six-point teaser, but you may also see 6.5 or seven-point teasers offered.

Like in a parlay, every bet included in the teaser must win for the teaser to pay out. Typically experienced or professional bettors will only stick to two-team teasers, but you may choose as many teams/legs as you'd like.

On betJACK, teasers do not have their own category. To make your own teaser, you would use the "point spread", as you will find many different point spreads to choose from to make your teaser.

Below, we will look at an example of an NFL two-team, six-point teaser where a bettor wants to tease the Miami Dolphins from 8.5-point favorites down to -2.5, and tease the Las Vegas Raiders from 1.5-point underdogs to +7.5.

Jets vs. Dolphins: Dolphins -8.5

Raiders vs. Broncos: Raiders +1.5

 So, your two-team six-point teaser would look like this:

Dolphins -2.5, Raiders +7.5

Rather than having the Dolphins have to cover a 8.5 point spread, they only have to win by a field goal. As for the Raiders, they can now lose by a touchdown and you still win your teaser.

As mentioned earlier, you can also use a teaser to adjust game totals, but teasing totals is not as popular or profitable as teasing game outcomes. 

How Profitable Are Teasers?

Teasers can be profitable if you use them correctly. Like any other bet or wager, shopping around for the best odds and numbers is crucial because price matters. Whether at a local casino/sportsbook or one of the best overseas sportsbooks, find a place with the lowest odds to maximize your profits.

Typically when betting teasers, you want to stick to the two-team teasers with odds at (-120) or lower. Most sportsbooks will give you (-110) odds for the standard two-team six-point teasers, which requires a win rate of 72.37 percent to at least break even.

Tips For NFL Teasers

There are specific rules and tips that professional or more experienced bettors follow to be as profitable as possible.

These tips were first made famous from the book Sharp Sports Betting written by Stanford Wong, and over the years, creating teasers by these rules/tips were named “Wong Teasers.”

1. Play two-team, six-points teasers from games totalling 49 or fewer.

2. Tease through key numbers three and seven.

3. Never cross over zero.

Very rarely has an NFL game ended in a tie, so zero is considered a “dead” number, and you are losing value. Think about it, you are paying the sportsbooks six points, but you are only getting five points back.

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