Browns Staff Not On Hot Seat, Season Far From Over

Browns Staff Not On Hot Seat, Season Far From Over

Grant Puskar
2 years ago
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Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski looks on during game vs. Atlanta Falcons

Whenever the Cleveland Browns lose a game (especially one they should win), the overreactions from the national media as well as local media and fans the following Monday are always comical. 

Looking back at yesterday, it was ugly. I get it. Kevin Stefanski made some questionable calls, the defense allowed what seemed like 20 straight runs of 15-plus yards, and Jacoby Brissett made a few mistakes. I know it stings, considering the Ravens lost again and they aren't taking advantage of it. That being said, let's not overreact just yet. 

According to betJACK, the Browns odds to win the division have now dropped to (+500), as those odds now give them the third best in the division behind the Ravens and the Bengals. 

Despite starting the season .500, there are still cries for both head coach Kevin Stefanski and defensive coordinator Joe Woods to be fired. Calls for someone like Matt Rhule of the Carolina Panthers to be fired make sense, but come on. This staff on the Browns isn't going anywhere, and rightfully so.

Kevin Stefanski

After just four games of the 2022-23 NFL season, fans in Cleveland really want the 2020 NFL Coach of The Year gone. It is crazy, and I'm here to tell you why.

The Browns could win just one game out of their next seven and Stefanki's seat wouldn't even be remotely warm. 

Unfortunately, the Browns investment in currently suspended quarterback Deshaun Watson was a long-term move. The Browns odds to win the Super Bowl this season currently sit at (+5000) via betJACK.

While we all want immediate results, they hand picked Jacoby Brissett to just keep them afloat, and he's done more than enough. If it weren't for the defense and/or special teams, the Browns could very well be 4-0. 

What matters for Stefanksi is Watson being the elite, top-five $230-million dollar quarterback he is supposed to be. If that happens, they will figure the defense out this offseason and they will have Super Bowl-esque expectations going into next season. For now, they are just going game by game trying to steal as many wins as they can.

Joe Woods

If there was a coach the Browns were REQUIRED to fire to move forward, Joe Woods would get the boot over Stefanski. However, this is not the case, and Woods is not going anywhere.

People are quick to forget that the Browns had a top 10 defense last season, one that was of the caliber of a playoff defense if it weren't for their quarterback.

This season, they have absolutely underperformed. I understand, it takes a true leader to run a defense and he does have to get his guys under control, but when will the time come that we start holding the players more accountable?

Ultimately, it is up to the players to do their jobs and to deliver results. The coaches can only do so much as they are sitting on the sidelines when the game is ultimately being played. When there is success, it's due to the players. When they lose, it's on the coaches. When will the players be held more accountable?

Yesterday, Woods' defense held Marcus Mariota to only seven pass completions. Seven. The Browns were missing 75-percent of their starting defensive line, and David Njoku fumbled which ultimately gifted the Falcons seven points. 

Flashback to the Jets game. Woods can't be out there physically putting the guys in the secondary in the right spot so they don't blow coverages. Woods can't recover the onside kick by himself. We are a few mess-ups away from being 4-0 and nobody would be saying a word about the coaches. Hold the players more accountable. 

Woods had a dominant defense in San Francisco before coming to Cleveland. Again, even last season, they were dominant. The defense willl figure it out and they will be just fine. They need to get fully healthy, and the results will come.

All of the answers will come in the next several weeks, going up against quarterbacks like Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady and Josh Allen. WIll they fold, or will they step up? 

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