Can We Pause The Patrick Mahomes Narratives?

Can We Pause The Patrick Mahomes Narratives?

Drew Thirion
10 months ago
3 min read
Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes picks up the Super Bowl MVP trophy

Patrick Mahomes is the best player in the NFL and might be the most talented player who’s ever touched a football. I wanted to start this article off by stating my opinion’s on Mahomes may because I am biased.

 From his first full season, I’ve thought he was the best player in the NFL, and he’s given me no reason to believe otherwise throughout his six year NFL career.

Media Narratives

The media wanted to spin a narrative all season that Joe Burrow was the next Tom Brady. Burrow is the big-time winner who gets the job done; and Mahomes was Peyton Manning, the flashy stat machine. 

This just never made sense. Mahomes does put up better stats than Burrow, but he was being weighed down by a couple of regular season losses and one AFC championship game that came down to the wire. 

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Well, this time around, Mahomes beat Burrow and actually finished it off and won the Super Bowl as well. The terrible narrative of “Burrow being a better winner” is so beyond dead. Mahomes is the greatest winner we’ve ever seen at this point in their career. Five AFC Championship game appearances in five seasons as a starter, and two Super Bowl wins. Potential dynasty numbers. 

The other narrative was the talent around Mahomes was better than Josh Allen and Burrow. I won’t try to diminish the value of Travis Kelce, because he’s a top-two tight-end of all time. But Mahomes had the by far worst receiving group out of any of the top three guys in the AFC. 

Mahomes Elevates Everyone Around Him

Patrick Mahomes went and won a Super Bowl while throwing playoff touchdowns to Travis Kelce, Kadarius Toney, Skyy Moore, and Marquez Valdez-Scantling. Besides Kelce, these aren’t NFL superstars, these are realistically, number three receivers who were castoffs on previous teams. Mahomes didn’t have a Tyreek Hill to bail him out this year, and he did it while playing basically perfect football.

The Chiefs' offensive line was terrible last season, giving Mahomes minimal clean pockets to operate within. You can blame last season's loss on his o-line, but Mahomes was the one who turned it over twice at Arrowhead to send the Bengals to the Super Bowl. This time around, Mahomes threw zero interceptions and only turned it over one time all postseason. Seven touchdowns, zero interceptions. 

He’s upped his career postseason total to 35 touchdowns which is already eighth in NFL history, already ahead of NFL hall of farmers like Dan Marino, John Elway, Troy Aikman, and Terry Bradshaw. He’s nowhere near Tom Brady for the all-time record of 88, but he’s only 10 away from second place on the list, a total he was capable of topping just last season.

Can Mahomes Catch Brady?

Nobody will stop the media from debating the young-gun QBs who will be running the NFL for the foreseeable future; however, maybe it’s time we leave Mahomes out of these debates. He puts up the best stats and wins the biggest games. The only thing he has left to prove in his career is catching up to the legacy Brady has left the game with.

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