Updated AFC North Champion Betting Odds: Who Will Run Away With Division?

Updated AFC North Champion Betting Odds: Who Will Run Away With Division?

Grant Puskar
2 months ago
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Cincinnati Bengals' safety Jessie Bates III celebrates with teammates after interception

If you look hard enough, you can find a famous saying or slogan for just about anything. For me, when it comes to the NFL, my favorite has to be "any given Sunday". 

While it might sound basic and generic, it is absolutely true.

Take this past NFL Sunday for example; the Colts beat the Chiefs, the Jaguars demolished the Chargers, and the Dolphins beat the Bills while getting destroyed in every statistical-category in the book. I understand some of these losing teams were dealing with injuries, however, any given Sunday.

Focusing in on the AFC North, we can change the term "Sunday" to "team" and we will get "any given team". Besides the Steelers, it seems like the other three are all very capable of winning the division. Who runs away with it?

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Baltimore Ravens (-130)

When your quarterback is Lamar Jackson, you are capable of winning on any given night against any team in the league. The Ravens defense, however, does not appear to be the dominant and powerful unit they once were. 

They allowed just nine points to the Jets, but lets be real, it's the Jets. They allowed 42 points to the Dolphins and 26 to the Patriots in their previous two games. 

Again, they do have one of the NFLs most electric quarterbacks in Jackson. To win the North, however, it seems like he will need to put up 30-plus points a game to give his team a shot.

Cleveland Browns (+325)

If it weren't for a historic collapse against the Jets, the Cleveland Browns would be a 3-0 football team.

The Jacoby Brissett-led Browns offense is one of the best in the league right now, and I can only imagine how dangerous the offense will be once Deshaun Watson returns to the field.

The key for the Browns will be the defense. If they can step up, they have a shot to do big things this season. If not, some of these offensive-heavy teams may give them trouble.

Cincinnati Bengals (+333)

While the Bengals have pretty much the same odds as the Browns, it seems like they should be a little more seperated.

The Bengals are a good team with a top-five quarterback and one of the best receiver rooms in the league, but that means nothing if you can't block or play defense.

I like the Bengals, and again, I think they are a good team, but they are definitey a bit overrated. Once Watson returns for the Browns and even with Brissett, I would take my chances with the Browns any day of the week.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1500)

Dare I say the Steelers may be entering a rebuild phase?

Mitch Trubisky is clearly not the guy for the Steelers. Their offense struggles to move the ball, Najee Harris doesn't look to be all that great so far, and they have some major injuries on the defensive side of the ball. 

There definitely doesn't seem to be a realistic shot for the Steelers to win the division. Perhaps we'll see the beginning of the Kenny Pickett era soon for the black and gold?

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