Updated Betting Odds to Win Super Bowl 56

Updated Betting Odds to Win Super Bowl 56

Alyssa Brosious
3 years ago
2 min read

Kansas City Chiefs, +550

Patrick Mahomes isn’t going anywhere, and that means the Chiefs aren’t going anywhere as a Super Bowl contender. The team is confident that Mahomes will be recovered from turf toe surgery by minicamp in June, which means that shouldn’t be a concern heading into next season. Obviously, Kansas City’s offensive line has some work to do after the way things went in the Super Bowl. But as long as they have Mahomes, the Chiefs will remain the leading Super Bowl contender.

Green Bay Packers, +900

The Packers have some tough decisions ahead of them, as they need to free up some money to get under the salary cap. That has created a little uncertainty around some of Green Bay’s key players. That being said, as long as reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers is in Green Bay, the Packers will be one of the top contenders in the NFC. Rodgers is still more than capable of elevating those around him and carrying his team, so if the Packers play their cards right this offseason, they’ll be in good shape to return to the NFC Championship Game for the third straight season and perhaps advance further.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, +1000

There are a handful of key players that the Bucs may not be able to keep this offseason for financial reasons. But as long as they can keep a couple of them around, Tampa will once again be among the NFC’s elite teams. After all, the Bucs had such an abundance of playmakers in 2020 that they can lose one or two and still have plenty of help around Tom Brady.

Baltimore Ravens, +1200

Think about how good Lamar Jackson has been in his first few pro seasons. It’s hard to imagine that guy never winning a Super Bowl, right? Now is the time for the Ravens to strike since Jackson isn’t yet taking up a massive amount of the team’s payroll. Baltimore is already strong defensively and should make moves this offseason to help Jackson so the Ravens can make a legitimate Super Bowl push.

Buffalo Bills, +1200

Unless you think that Josh Allen’s 2020 season was an aberration, the Bills will remain a legitimate contender in the AFC. If anything, Allen is going to get better with more experience. The key for the Bills will be getting their defense closer to the level they were at in 2019. Combining the 2019 Buffalo defense and the Allen from 2020 would make the Bills a serious Super Bowl threat.

Los Angeles Rams, +1200

With Matthew Stafford at quarterback, the Rams are officially favorites in a stacked NFC West and legitimate Super Bowl contenders. The caveat is that Stafford isn’t used to winning or playing in meaningful games late in the season, much fewer playoff games. However, there should be no question that Stafford can do some serious damage with the playmakers the Rams have on offense, making them an interesting sleeper pick for Super Bowl 56.

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