Bowling Green Falcons Odds and Betting | Your Complete Guide

Bowling Green Falcons Odds & Betting

Bowling Green Falcons Odds and Betting

Bowling Green Falcons refers to several collegiate sports teams representing the famous Bowling Green State University, located in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. 

The Bowling Green Falcons participate in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at the Division 1 level, while their men's Ice Hockey team also competes as a member of the central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA). In all, Bowling Green sponsors teams in eleven women's and seven men's NCAA-sanctioned sports. 

Bowling Green Falcons quarterback Camden Orth throws a pass during game against the Mississippi Bulldogs

History of the Bowling Green Falcons

The Bowling Green Falcons were given their name by BGSU alum Ivan "Doc" Lake. According to Lake, Falcons were a fitting name for a team that, much like the bird, would have to go through rigorous training and preparation before it is ready to fend for itself. 

He also added that the falcon had colors that matched the schools. Prior to being called the Falcons, sports teams coming from Bowling Green State University were called the Normals, the Teachers, and the B.G Pedagogues. 

Bowling Green Football

The Bowling Green Falcons have historically been one of the strongest teams in the NCAA championships. Having won over ten conference championships, their biggest rivals are Miami (Ohio), Kent State, and Toledo. Since the Falcons are such a decorated football team, they are a favorite among NCAA bettors. 

Bowling Green Falcons Betting Odds Formats

Bowling Green Falcons odds for football are presented in one of three formats: decimal, fractional or American. When odds are presented as whole numbers that are prefixed with minus or plus signs, they are American odds. Odds in decimal numbers represent decimal odds, and fractional odds are, accordingly, given as a fraction.

If we imagine a scenario where the Bowling Green Falcons are facing off against the Toledo rockets, bookmakers might offer odds that look like this: 

Bowling Green Falcons

Toledo Rockets

American odds



Decimal odds



Fractional odds



According to the table, if you were to stake $120 on the Bowling Green Falcons, you would win $100 should they emerge victorious, while a successful $100 bet on the Toledo Rockets would win you $120. The American odds are as simple as that.

Bowling Green Falcons Betting - Types of bets

Moneyline betting

Moneyline bets are the easiest way to begin with Bowling Green Falcons odds and betting. To put it simply, you'll be placing a bet on who is going to win the match. Betting on fixed outcomes is a great entry point into the world of sportsbooks for new players. 

Perhaps the easiest best that you can place is picking a winner in a match between the Bowling Green Falcons and their arch-rivals, the Toledo Rockets - the example in the previous section is illustrative of how moneyline odds work.


Unlike moneyline betting, spread bets aren't placed on the result of the match but instead on the margin of the result. Spreads also allow bettors to back both sides with a reasonable chance of a decent payout.

For instance, let's say the Falcons are given a -11.5 spread against the Rockets. For you to win a bet on the Falcons, they must beat the Rockets by a margin of more than 11.5 points. If you were betting on the Rockets, they would need to either win the game outright or lose by a margin of 11 points or fewer for your bet to be a winner. 

Total Score Bets (Over/Under Betting)

Over and under bets are wagers on whether the aggregate score in a match - that is, the scores of both teams put together - will exceed a certain number that is determined by the bookmaker before a game. For instance, in a game between the Falcons and the Rockets, the oddsmakers may set the aggregate at 38.5. If you expect a low-scoring game, you should bet on the total being under that mark; if not, you should bet on it being over. 


A parlay bet is when you place several bets and tie them to a single wager instead of betting on each outcome individually. When you bring multiple bets together like this, the odds improve drastically; so instead of placing individual bets on the Falcons winning against the Rockets and Kent State covering the spread against another team, you can combine the two and place a smaller amount on better odds. The caveat being that every leg of the bet has to win for your bet to be successful.

Prop bets

In a prop bet, you'll get to place a bet on a specific outcome of a match. This outcome may not directly influence the actual result. There are numerous kinds of prop bets that you can choose from, such as how many passing yards a certain player may cover or other similar statistics. If you are a player who pays close attention to patterns within a game, you could win big by picking Bowling Green Falcons bets. 

Futures and outright bets

Futures bets might be one of the simplest forms of bets that a new player can easily understand and place. In an outright bet, you'll wager on who will emerge victorious and take the championship at the end of the season. 

Outright bets are usually open before the season starts, and the odds fluctuate based on the form of the team that you are betting on. Similarly, you can place futures bets on outcomes like MVP of the season, conference winners, winners of the Interstate Championship, and other future scenarios. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on NCAA games in Ohio?

Yes. In December 2021, the state of Ohio legalized sports betting. 

What format are Bowling Green football odds presented in?

Football odds are available in three formats - American, fractional and decimal. In most cases, you'll come across odds presented in the American format if you're betting with an American Sportsbook.

Is betting on the Bowling Green Falcons profitable?

Placing bets on the Bowling Green Falcons requires research, discipline, and strategy - just like any other financial investment that you may make.