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Cincinnati Bearcats Odds & Betting

Cincinnati Bearcats Odds and Betting

The collective of athletic teams that represent the University of Cincinnati are known as the Cincinnati Bearcats. The teams representing Cincinnati are currently a part of the American Athletic Conference, earlier known as the Big East Conference.  

In September 2021, Cincinnati received a membership offer to join the Big 12 conference, making that season their last with the American Conference. The Bearcats were founding members of the Conference USA when the Great Midwest Conference merged with the Metro Conference. 

Member of the Cincinnati Bearcats defense celebrates win against East Carolina

A brief history of the Cincinnati Bearcats

The Bearcat football team is one of the oldest in the USA, with records showing that they fielded teams as early as 1885. In that era, Cincinnati played against Miami, Ohio, in the first-ever intercollegiate football game held in Ohio. This match sparked a rivalry that is now the eighth oldest and eleventh longest rivalry in NCAA Division I football. 

Cincinnati Bearcats Football

In 2016, Luke Fickell was appointed as the head coach of the University of Cincinnati. Fickell had earlier served as Ohio State's head coach during the 2011 season. In 2017, the Bearcats put together a record of 4-8(104). 

2018 saw a rejuvenated Bearcats team finishing with a tally of 11-2 and winning the Military Bowl against Virginia Tech. This particular season was only the third season in the program's history where the Bearcats found unprecedented success. Coach Luke Fickell received the AAC Coach of the Year recognition for this season. 

Cincinnati Bearcats Odds and Betting Formats

The odds of a bet are the numbers that determine the chances of that particular bet coming true. If you're just starting off with NCAA betting, it's crucial to understand what odds are and how they work. Odds are usually represented in one of three formats: American, decimal, or fractional. 

Most American sportsbooks will display odds in the American format, which consists of whole numbers prefixed by a plus or minus. The decimal format, as the name implies, uses decimal numbers, while fractional odds are represented with fractions. 

Cincinnati Bearcats Betting - Types of bets

Moneyline betting

When it comes to Cincinnati Bearcats odds and betting, some would say that the moneyline is the single most important bet to place, as it is a straight-up bet on the winning team.

In the table below, you can see an example of moneyline odds for a game between the

Cincinnati Bearcats and the Bowling Green Falcons: 

Cincinnati Bearcats

Bowling Green Falcons

American odds



Decimal odds



Fractional odds



Going by these odds, if you bet $120 on the Bearcats, you stand to win $100 if they win, while if you bet $100 on the Falcons, you stand to win $120 if they go on to win.


Spread bets are placed over a margin known as a point spread. Spread bettings allow you to diversify your bet types and make more betting choices on a game. For example, let's imagine that the Bearcats are given a -11.5 spread against the Falcons in a football game. In this situation, your bet will come true if the Bearcats defeat the Falcons by a margin of more than 11.5. On the flip side, if you bet on the Falcons, you will win if the Falcons either win the game or manage to lose by less than 11.5 points.

Total Score Bets (Over/Under Betting)

Total score bets, over-under bets, or score bets, refer to the same type of bet on the aggregate score at the end of a game. The sportsbook pre-determines a number before a game based on their analysis, and your bet will be on whether the aggregate score (the two teams' scores put together) will be over or under that. 

For example, a sportsbook may propose that the aggregate score in a game between the Bearcats and Falcons will be 35. If you enter a total score wager, you'll have to bet on whether the aggregate score will be over or under that total.


To understand parlays, let's imagine that you place several bets on a game between the Bearcats and Falcons. These bets could include a moneyline bet, a spread bet, and a handful of prop bets. A parlay - in this case, it would be a same-game parlay - allows you to take several bets and combine them under a single wager.

In this example, a parlay would tie all of your bets together for much higher odds than if they were placed individually. The only caveat is that every single leg of your parlay has to win for you to win the overall wager.

Prop bets

A prop bet or a proposition bet is any bet that is placed on an outcome that does not directly affect the final outcome of a game. More seasoned bettors are known to leverage prop bets since their experience has granted them an understanding of patterns that can be capitalized upon. 

Some examples of popular prop bets include the player with the longest touchdown, the total number of assists, and the number of touchdowns scored by a single player. 

Futures and outright bets

Futures and outright bets are long-term bets that you can make before a season even starts. As the name suggests, an outright bet is one where you place a bet on the outright winner at the end of a season. Futures bets can be placed on awards and recognitions that are handed out at the end of the season, such as the season's MVP, among others. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on Cincinnati Bearcat football games?

Yes. Sports betting is legal in the state of Ohio. 

Is it safe to place bets on the Bearcats?

If you're new to betting, remember to sign up only with reputed platforms before you place your first bet. This will ensure a safe betting experience. 

Is it profitable to place bets on the Bearcats?

With enough time, research and preparation, you can learn to place profitable bets on the Cincinnati Bearcats. We suggest starting off with Moneyline bets.