NCAA Football Championship Best Future Bets

NCAA Football Championship Best Future Bets

Barry Devoe
2 years ago
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NCAA Football Championship Best Future Bets

Bowl season has already started in college football, but the biggest games are still more than a week away. The College Football Playoff semifinal games are set to take place on December 31, and it should be a pair of great games.

The Alabama Crimson Tide are 13.5-point betting favorites over the Cincinnati Bearcats in the first semifinal game. Michigan is an eight-point underdog against Georgia in the second CFP semifinal matchup.

The one team you see missing from the CFP this season is Ohio State, and the Buckeyes just narrowly missed being selected. Michigan will have to carry the banner for the Big Ten as the league tries to find a way to knock off the SEC.

Betting on each bowl game is available from now until the end of 2021, and each game deserves a close look. Betting on each of the CFP semifinal games will also be available, but you don’t have to wait until gameday to bet on the action.

There are plenty of future betting options available at the sportsbook for the CFP, and that is the focus of this article. Picking the eventual champion is obviously one of the options that will be available, but that’s not the only option.

Championship Game Title Odds

The first thing you should look at is making a futures bet on which team will win two games and come away with the CFP Championship. Here are the title odds for each of the four teams set to take the field:

Alabama Crimson Tide +115

Georgia Bulldogs +140

Michigan Wolverines +700

Cincinnati Bearcats +1800

Those betting odds would suggest that this is a two-team race, and the odds for each individual game suggest that as well. Georgia was viewed as the best team in the country for much of the season, but all of that changed when Alabama stunned them in the SEC Championship Game.

With that said, there can be some serious money made by betting on either Michigan or Cincinnati to win the championship. Michigan has only one loss on the season to Michigan State, and Cincinnati was the only team that finished the season undefeated.

These title odds have been changing since before the season began, but you won’t see much shifting from now until the games are played. If there is an upset in the semifinals, then that is when the odds will change significantly.

CFP Exact Result

A bet on either Alabama or Georgia isn’t going to have a massive payoff, but there is a way to fix that. Instead of simply picking the team that will win the CFP, you can actually make a bet on the exact result on the title game.

The exact result with the best odds is actually Georgia defeating Alabama and getting some revenge at +180. The odds for Alabama to beat Georgia is set at +200, and these are the two results that most believe will happen.

This bet should be made before the first semifinal game begins because the odds will be removed after that point.

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