The betJACK College Football Top 10

The betJACK College Football Top 10

Drew Thirion
2 years ago
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The betJACK College Football Top 10

This past week, I decided to create my own top 10 rankings because the AP Polls stinks. That made me think, how well will betJACK writers vote if they were given a chance to be a part of the playoff committee? After looking at the anonymous results, I think we did alright. Seeing my beloved Kent State Golden Flashes in a top 10 was a bit of a surprise, but everything else looked adequate. Here is the betJACK Top 10, and my critiques. (Parenthesis signifies first-place votes.)

1. Georgia (6)

2. Cincinnati (1)

3. Oklahoma

4. Ohio State

5. Alabama

6. Michigan State

7. Oregon 

8. Wake Forest

9. Notre Dame

10. Michigan

My biggest critique about this poll is the Cincinnati first-place vote. Georgia is far and away from the cream of the crop this season and they deserve every first-place vote in every single poll. 

In my original rankings, I already explained that I don’t think Cincy is a playoff team and should be much lower in this list. This vote seems like a bit of Ohio bias.

Speaking of Ohio bias, what has Ohio State done to be ranked in the top 4? If you think they’re better than Alabama, that’s fine, but there’s no way they should be above an undefeated Big Ten team and an Oregon unit that beat them in the Shoe. Oregon has regressed a lot since week two, but as long as they keep winning, I think they should be a bit higher. 

I love the Wake Forest respect. They can score like crazy and I’d even take them in a head-to-head matchup with Cincy. If they win the ACC, will the real committee still leave them out?

Do you think our writers missed the mark? Now here’s your chance to vote! The Google Forms will be open until Friday at 5 PM, so make sure to get your votes in and have your voice matter. 

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