The Top 5 Worst Bowl Game Names

The Top 5 Worst Bowl Game Names

2 years ago
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The Top 5 Worst Bowl Game Names

Bowl season is upon us and you know what that means! Bowls you’ve NEVER heard with teams you’ve also NEVER heard of! Here are some of the worst bowl names you’ve ever heard.

No. 5: Anything that includes a URL in the title

The only question that needs to be asked is why are you including a URL? Shouldn’t it be obvious if xyz company or cba is sponsoring a bowl, shouldn’t be obvious that the URL is insert name of company dot com?

No. 4: Wheat Bowl/College Fanz First Down Classic

The Wheat Bowl is a bowl that is MEANT to be held in Delaware, IA. This is your textbook one stoplight town in the middle of the US. This bowl is College Football’s ONLY PRE-SEASON Bowl game. To me, that honestly defeats the purpose of bowls in the first place right? Also, Fanz... not "Fans" but "Fanz." Fanz with a Z is a sign that you're trying to be part of the cool kids club but you aren't.

No. 3: The Refrigerator Bowl

This bowl was held in Evansville, IN, at the time, the fridge capital of the world! The city of Evansville pumped out more fridge units than it did good football! This most legendary edition of this bowl came when Abilene Christian knocked off Gustavus Adolphus 14-7! Totally thrilling stuff.

No. 2: Salad Bowl

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Tied at No. 1: Gasparilla Bowl/Independence Bowl

The main issue with these two are they are the bat signal of poorly named bowls. The Gasparilla Bowl used to be sponsored by the likes of VOIP (Voice Over IP) companies, Irish chain food establishments and of course lawn mowers! The Independence Bowl is just as bad, they’ve also been sponsored by lawn mower companies, energy drink companies among several other sponsors. The fact that these bowls changed sponsors as often as they did land them at number one on our list.

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