Two Reasons Why Ohio State Can Still Make the College Football Playoffs

Two Reasons Why Ohio State Can Still Make the College Football Playoffs

Jordan Klimack
3 years ago
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Two Reasons Why Ohio State Can Still Make the College Football Playoffs

Last Saturday, The Ohio State Buckeye’s 23-game home win streak came to an end. The Buckeyes lost to the Oregon Ducks 35-28. This was the first regular-season loss of the Ryan Day era. 

Generally, College football teams must be undefeated to make the college football playoffs. Of course, there are exceptions but that is the general rule of thumb.

So, is Ohio State’s season over? 

No and here’s why…

Ohio State’s loss came early in the season. 

Sure, there’s never a right time to lose a football game in college but if there was a right time – it would be in week 1 or week 2. 

In 2014, the Ohio State Buckeyes won their last National Championship. That season their total record was 14-1. They lost one game. 

Let me remind you: THEY LOST ONE GAME. 

In fact, that loss came week 2 at home against Virginia Tech, an unranked opponent. 

This year, Ohio State’s loss came week 2 against Oregon, a ranked opponent. 

Oregon came into last week’s game ranked 12th in the country. They left Columbus as the 4th ranked team in the country, taking Ohio State’s spot. 

Buckeye fans are loyal, intense individuals that expect greatness and they should but time is still on the Buckeye’s side, with 10 games remaining. 

I trust Ryan Day. 

It’s never a good sign for a football team when everyone, including those who aren’t true football or Buckeye loyalists, know the problem with the team – the defense. 

Through two games, the “Silver Bullets” rank 123 out of a possible 130 teams in rush defense. 


Ryan Day knows this. 

Earlier in the week, Day stated that “changes are coming” to the Ohio State defense. Day was vague about the specifics of the changes but expect to see different schemes and personnel groupings this weekend and throughout the rest of the season. 

The Buckeye offense is far from the issue – scoring 80 points in two games this season. Shape up the defense and the Buckeyes will be just fine. 

Expect to see a motivated and focused Buckeye defense for the rest of the season. 

Ohio State is currently listed as +900 to win the College Football Championship this season. 

It’ll be a long and difficult road for Ryan Day and his team but I am not giving up on the Buckeyes and neither should you. 

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