Updated Heisman Betting Odds: Who Will Win?

Updated Heisman Betting Odds: Who Will Win?

Tyler Vaysman
3 years ago
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Updated Heisman Betting Odds: Who Will Win?

The Heisman trophy will be voted on in just two weeks, and there is finally a lot of clarity. All season, we have spent time looking for ways or creative ideas to give the award out to a unique winner that exemplifies the college football season at large. At this point, no outsider has been able to gain the stats or traction necessary at this point in the season to win. 

This is a two man race barring anything crazy happening in the final two weeks of the season. That being said, we're just going to talk about the two top guys, where they stand today, and what they need to do to win the award.

CJ Stroud (-200)

Bryce Young (+150)

How Does CJ Stroud Win the Heisman Trophy?

Stroud needs to win the next two games, and he'll be a significant favorite at that point. I think that a loss to Michigan would hurt the odds of Stroud outside of a losee from Young as well, especially if the loss came from a disappointing performance offensively. 

However, I don't think he would be dead due to the Georgia defense lurking for Young next week. It's possible that Stroud loses a close game, doesn't play next week, and Young looks lost vs. an overwhelming defense, and people don't know who to vote for, but I don't think this is a likely outcome. 

"Chalk" means a CJ Stroud Heisman, meaning Ohio State wins their next two games and Alabama loses to Georgia. I think Stroud can do wonders for himself in this game, though, playing in what will be the most-watched game of the season.

Heisman voters are not the most knowledgeable college football fans in the world, and if CJ Stroud were to have another elite game this week, I think that he would have plenty of voters submit their ballot with him in first before Bryce Young even gets a shot at Georgia. Even then, I think recent dominance from Stroud would stand up unless Young lights up Georgia, which I don't think is super viable, given the offensive line struggles that the Crimson Tide have had this season. 

The best part about Stroud's path is that he faces two elite defenses in back-to-back weeks on a huge stage. He will be a favorite in both games, he has better talent and a better coach behind him, and I don't think he needs to light the world on fire to win the award as long as he wins the games and doesn't look bad.

How Does Bryce Young Win the Heisman Trophy?

Bryce Young wins the Heisman by having two straight wins with over 28 points in each game. I think at this point, Young would be the favorite regardless of Stroud, even though it would likely still be close. A Stroud loss could give Young a big lead, but a loss to Georgia could still be problematic. 

Who else can get votes? Could Jordan Davis get the votes? I don't see it outside of pure luck in the SEC Championship game where he gets a FB dive and a pick-six from the three yard line. What I do think is possible is a Will Anderson jumps Bryce Young if Bama wins a Clemson-Esque game vs. Georgia AND CJ Stroud loses one of the next two. Anderson is the guy everyone wants to put on their ballot, and he does have the stats to get random voters' attention.

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