What the College Football Playoff Rankings Should Look Like Tonight

What the College Football Playoff Rankings Should Look Like Tonight

2 years ago
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What the College Football Playoff Rankings Should Look Like Tonight

Oregon lost, Alabama won but not convincingly at all, Ohio State won going away and Cincinnati won convincingly. The College Football Playoff ranking are released live tonight on ESPN. Let’s go through what should the rankings look like.

Georgia (11-0)

Georgia is undefeated and is number one in the nation, they won against Charleston Southern 56-7. They’ve been very solid all year in a tough conference. They’ve done everything that they needed to. They will probably see Alabama in the SEC Championship game. We will talk more about Alabama later in this piece. I understand that Charleston Southern isn’t a team to challenge Georgia, but Georgia took them to the cleaners, as they should. I promise you that any question the committee has had, they’ve answered. There’s not too much argument that Georgia is top dawg (no pun intended).

Ohio State (10-1)

Ohio State is number two in this ranking in my opinion. The reason why is they beat number seven Michigan State. They beat Sparty… by a lot. The final from Columbus was 56-7. This was an absolute waxing of Michigan State, a team that is supposed to be vying for the playoff and Ohio State just demolished them. They looked way better than Alabama did. This isn’t a “what has Ohio State done for me?” moment. This team has proven time and again right now that they can play when the chips are down. If you look at Ohio State’s resumes, they’ve gotten it done and with Oregon being in the CFP top four, that’s helped them out a ton in getting to this point.

Cincinnati (11-0)

Here’s the other undefeated team and I’m putting them at number three. Going through the resume of Cincinnati, they beat Notre Dame. Which that win is looking better and better because of where Notre Dame is right now. They’ve had some ugly wins as of late but when it counted, they went out and delivered against Southern Methodist. This would mark the first time that a group of five conference is in the CFP top four and for Coach Luke Fickell, it’s been as long time coming. This team, like Ohio State, proved they can play when the chips are down.

Alabama (10-1)

Alabama lands at four in this mock, just because they fell into the trap of not being able to cover the spread. They beat Arkansas but got off to a slow start. They pulled it out by a final of 42-35 but failed to beat the spread of 21. That’s how Alabama got here, they are not a lock for the playoffs. They still presumably have to play Georgia in the SEC Championship game. Alabama will not make it in if they lose to Georgia. Mark my words.

Teams on the Outside looking in going into this weekend. These are your teams that need help with getting into the playoffs via teams losing (looking at you Bama) or other modalities.


Notre Dame


Ole Miss

Oklahoma State

Oregon got boatraced by Utah which is the reason they are not in the top ten.

As always, may the odds be ever in your team’s favor.

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