Miami RedHawks Odds And Betting | Beginner’s Guide

Miami Redhawks Odds & Betting

Miami RedHawks Odds and Betting

When you hear the name Miami, you might be thinking of sunny Florida. However, the Miami RedHawks are an intercollegiate team that represents Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The RedHawks compete under the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I. As a member of the mid-American Conference, the University sponsors nine men’s teams and ten women’s teams in NCAA-sanctioned sports. 

The RedHawks have a storied rivalry with the Ohio Bobcats. On scorecards during sporting events, the RedHawks are usually referred to as OH to differentiate them from the Miami Hurricanes of Miami, Florida. 

Miami RedHawks celebrate touchdown during game against Northwestern

History of the Miami RedHawks Football Program

Miami University assembled its first official football team in the late 1880s, under the banner of the Redskins. In the first two seasons, the team played without a head coach. C. K. Fauver was the first head coach to lead the then Redskins to a 3-0 record. A few years later, the Redskins compiled a record of 14-8-2 under James C. Donnelly. 

Miami University is frequently referred to as the cradle of coaches due to the large number of prolific coaches who began their careers at the school. Some notable coaches from Miami University are John Pont, Ara Parseghian, Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, Weeb Ewbank, Jim Tressel, and Terry Hoeppner. 

Miami RedHawks Odds Formats

If you’re new to betting and wondering how you can get in on all the action, it’s important to first do your homework and learn everything that there is to know about how odds are presented. To put it simply, odds are a numerical representation of the chances of a bet or wager coming true. Around the world, odds are represented in different ways. The three formats in which odds are denoted are American, decimal, and fractional. As an American bettor, it’s likely that you will come across odds denoted in the American format. 

American odds are denoted by a whole number prefixed with a minus (-) or plus (+) sign. The minus sign indicates the favorite, and the plus represents the underdog. As their names imply, decimal odds refer to odds that are represented in a decimal format, while fractional odds are represented using fractions. 

Miami RedHawks Odds and Betting - Types of bets

Moneyline betting

Once you’ve got a solid grasp of what the odds are, it’s time to place your first bet. The simplest bet type that we recommend to newcomers is the moneyline bet. In moneyline betting, you simply pick which side you think will win a game.

The table below contains some examples of moneyline odds in various formats:

Miami RedHawks

Cincinnati Bearcats

American odds



Decimal odds



Fractional odds



If you're going to place a bet using the odds in the table, you'll see that the RedHawks are the favorites while the Bearcats are the underdogs. Accordingly, a winning bet of $120 on the RedHawks would win you $100, while a successful bet of $100 on the Bearcats would win you $120.


Unlike a moneyline bet, winning a spread isn't determined by a fixed outcome. A simple explanation would be to consider a spread as a bet on the margin of victory. 

Let's imagine a game where the RedHawks are given a -6.5 spread to cover against the Bearcats in a football game. To win this particular bet on the RedHawks, they would have to win by a margin of over 6.5 points, i.e., by 7 points at least. On the contrary, if you're betting on the Bearcats, they would have to either win the match or lose by a margin of fewer than 6.5 points for your bet to win.

Total Score Bets (Over/Under Betting)

Over/under bets are also known as total score bets or simply as score bets. In this type of bet, you can bet on whether the aggregate score of a game (both teams' scores put together) will be over or under a predetermined number that the sportsbook comes up with before a game. 

If a sportsbook pits that number as 36.5 in a RedHawks vs. Bobcats football game, for example, you will just have to bet on which side of that number the final aggregate score will be.


A parlay is a wager that ties together several other bets. Parlays are easiest to understand with an example. Let's say you've placed four different bets across two different games between the RedHawks and the Bearcats. 

A parlay would tie all those bets together under a single wager and offer better odds than if you placed bets on each of them individually. The caveat here is that every single leg of the parlay has to win for you to actually profit from the better odds.

Prop bets

A prop bet or proposition bet is a wager that is generally played live as the action of a game unfolds - it is a bet on events that may not directly affect the result of a game. Some popular forms of prop bets are on the player with the first touchdown in football, the method of victory in boxing, the coin toss across games, and so on. These are fun ways to take part in Miami Redhawks odds and betting opportunities.

Futures and outright bets

An outright bet is a long-term bet that you can make before the start of a season. In this bet type, you'll be betting on which team will emerge as the outright champions at the end of a season. Similarly, futures bets are bets that you can place on post-season outcomes such as the winner of the MVP award and other recognitions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is betting on Miami RedHawks football games legal?

Yes. Since Ohio legalized sports betting in 2021, betting on the Miami RedHawks is completely legal.

Is it safe to place bets on the RedHawks?

As long as you sign up for recognized and licensed sportsbooks, you will have a safe experience while betting on the RedHawks.

Is it profitable to place bets on the Miami RedHawks?

As long as you bet carefully and do your research, you can place profitable bets on the Miami RedHawks.