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C.J. Stroud Named Ohio State’s Starting Quarterback: What Does That Mean for the Buckeyes?

Jordan Klimack
3 years ago
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C.J. Stroud Named Ohio State’s Starting Quarterback: What Does That Mean for the Buckeyes?

Last Saturday, Ryan Day named C.J Stroud Ohio State’s starting quarterback for the season opener at Minnesota.

This put an end to the month-long debate…

“Who will succeed Justin Fields at Ohio State?”

Stroud was Justin Fields's back up last season. He beat out Jack Miller and a Freshman with a lot of promise, in Kyle McCord. Though he never said it, it seemed throughout camp that C.J. Stroud was a notch ahead of Miller and McCord (the most radio-show sounding duo I’ve ever written) in Ryan Day’s book. 

Stroud, a true freshman in 2020, did see playing time in three games last season. 

Remember the 48-yard rushing touchdown against Michigan State? 

So, why C.J. Stroud?

Stroud possesses the leadership quality that you value from a quarterback, which Ryan Day alluded to last week. He presents a calm demeanor that his teammates rally around. Stroud has pin-point accuracy and an NFL type throwing arm. Plus, the ability to make plays outside of the pocket.

Stroud is very raw. In fact, his junior year in high school was his first season as a varsity quarterback. He’s still developing and learning the quarterback position and that’s scary- for a guy this talented.

Can Stroud lead the Buckeyes to the promised land?

Well, let’s start with another Big Ten Title…

Without a full season under his belt, Stroud is still at the very least a top-three quarterback in the Big Ten.

Michael Penix Jr. of Indiana and Graham Mertz of Wisconsin are the only other quarterbacks in the big ten that can give Stroud a run for his money. By the way, we all know the story on Wisconsin quarterbacks. 

Stroud is poised to lead the Ohio State Buckeyes to another Big Ten tile, under Ryan Day.

Right now, Ohio State is the heavy favorite, coming in at -230 to win the Big Ten, yet again.

Wisconsin comes in second at +650. Yes, that is correct. +650.

Now, let’s talk about the National Title…

When it comes to the National landscape of College Football, some would say Ohio State is at a disadvantage, having a quarterback with limited to no experience, trying to win a National Championship.

For example, Oklahoma will be starting veteran quarterback, Spencer Rattler. Georgia will be returning J.T. Daniels.

Ohio State, however, can still win the National Championship.

Ohio State currently has the third-best odds to win the Championship at +450.

I trust in Ryan Day and you should too.

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