Best Prop Bets: Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens October 23

Best Prop Bets: Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens October 23

Ryan Knuppel
2 years ago
2 min read
Cleveland Browns defenders tackle Lamar Jackson

With an important divisional matchup in the AFC North taking place this Sunday, it is important to know what we should be betting on. Today, we are going to discuss some prop bets available at betJACK for this game and why we should bet that specific side. 

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Under 13 Points in the 4th Quarter (+101)

Let’s start off with a bet that currently has very slight plus odds. Neither of these teams are considered to be good fourth-quarter teams as the Browns have lost the last three fourth quarters while the Ravens have not outscored their opponent in the final quarter of the game yet this season. 

Baltimore is averaging 3.67 points per fourth quarter (22 total points), while Cleveland is scoring eight points per fourth quarter this season (48 total points). 

It makes sense logistically too as both the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens are built to run the football with mobile quarterbacks and a good running game. That means the clock is going to drain, and they are not going to be scoring many points.

 I expect a couple of long drives in the fourth quarter to make it not have many points, and if they do not score a touchdown, it takes five field goals to hit the over. These defenses are solid and should hold a divisional opponent at the end of the game. 

Over 8 1st Quarter Points (-106)

Having divisional opponents that are familiar with each other’s defensive calls is critical for points to be scored early as we are asking one team to score a touchdown and the other team to kick a field goal. 

When you have a kicker like Justin Tucker on one sideline, this should be easy, and both teams have played well in the first quarter of games lately. 

The Browns have scored 8.5 points in the first quarter themselves in their last two weeks, while the Ravens have put up 6.5 points in that same two-game stretch. 

These teams are both coming off of losses and would love to get off to a hot start, and two scoring drives in the first 15 minutes do not seem impossible. 

Lamar Jackson has faced this Cleveland team eight times throughout his career and has 15 total touchdowns (11 passing, four rushing) so he knows what to do to find the end zone. 

He also has six interceptions, which would likely give the Browns a good field position to score points of their own. Cade York is 11-of-13 on field goal attempts this season for Cleveland and has not missed a kick inside of 40 yards this season, while Justin Tucker is 11-of-12 without a miss inside of 50 yards this year. 

Points are going to be scored early in this game, and just eight total points feels way too low to me.

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