NFL: Three Biggest Disappointments So Far This Season

NFL: Three Biggest Disappointments So Far This Season

Barry Devoe
1 year ago
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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers celebrates during game vs. Dallas Cowboys

The NFL has made it through 10 weeks, and things aren’t going as planned in all 32 markets. Despite good intentions, in most cases, more than one team won’t live up to its potential. But it isn’t always the franchise’s fault when things turn sour.

Here’s a look at three of the NFL’s biggest disappointments this season.

The AFC West

While it is easy to point to Rusell Wilson and the Denver Broncos as the biggest culprits here, they aren’t the only issues with the much-hyped division. 

This was billed as a group that could seriously threaten to send four teams to the playoffs. It appears so far that the only sure thing, as usual, is the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Los Angeles Chargers are a legitimate contender as well but have struggled mightily to be consistent. 

The Raiders have been a disaster under first-year coach Josh McDaniels, sinking to last place. Wilson has bombed with the Broncos, as first-year coach Nathaniel Hackett is going through some growing pains. The division known for its quarterbacks showed more than one team had other flaws.

Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers' star quarterback is likely miffed to not have any reliable star veteran receivers on the roster. 

But, it’s hard to know who to blame for that. Rodgers was unsure about returning to Green Bay and has repeatedly started fights with his weird stint as a game show host and off-the-field behavior. 

On the field, Rodgers has still put up decent passing numbers and is in the Top 10 in the league in total passing yards.

However, Green Bay is unlikely to make the playoffs and has already sunken out of the race for the NFC North crown. Rodgers is 38 years old and has nothing to prove, but has shown throughout this year that he is the mentoring type of veteran player. 

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are one of those teams that seemed positioned for a chance to make a run at the AFC South crown.

 However, from the opening week, things just didn’t seem right. Indianapolis got stuck with a tie against the lowly Houston Texans and have not progressed much from there.

Some of the Colts’ woes is from factors outside of their control. Indianapolis lost its top running back, Jonathan Taylor, for several weeks and even went a week without either of its top two running backs. But the trouble didn’t stop with the players.

The Colts fired their head coach Frank Reich and hired a former player, Jeff Saturday, who has no professional coaching experience, to serve as the interim coach. The Colts also canned their offensive coordinator.

Indianapolis also was disappointed by the contributions of veteran quarterback Matt Ryan, who has looked well past his prime. 

Ryan has been so ineffective the Colts were forced to turn to youngster Sam Ehlinger, who had no pro experience at quarterback. Indianapolis is already ready to look at 2023.

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