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How to Bet on Kent State Golden Flashes

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Golden Flashes Football

The Golden Flashes are a respected college football team, even if they aren’t the most successful - primarily after they were awarded Division 1 categorization under the NCAA.

Golden Flashes Odds and Betting Formats

Understanding odds and bet formats are key to college sports betting. Sports betting is now legal in Ohio, so you need to understand American, fractional, and decimal odds formats and that these are most commonly used in US sportsbooks. This is key to learning how to bet on Kent State Golden Flashes.

American odds present betting odds as whole numbers with a positive or negative sign, while fractional and decimal odds are shown as fractions and decimals.

Golden Flashes Betting - Types of bets

Moneyline betting

Moneyline betting is the simplest form of betting, where one wagers on the winner and loser of a match. Take, for instance, the odds on a game between the Golden Flashes and Bowling Green Falcons.

Golden Flashes

Bowling Green Falcons

American odds



Decimal odds



Fractional odds



A bet of $120 on the Golden Flashes will win you $100 if they win, while a $100 bet on the Falcons would win you $120 if they win. 


Spread bets are bets on a team’s margin of victory or defeat. Hedge your bets by taking a calculated risk and betting on both sides.

For example, if the Golden Flashes have a -8.5 spread against the Falcons, a bet on the Flashes will only see you win if the Falcons lose by over 8.5 points - effectively 9 points or more. 

Total Score Bets (Over/Under Betting)

Total score bets are more commonly known as over/under bets. In this bet, one wagers on the aggregate score (both teams’ scores put together) and whether it will be over or under a figure pre-determined by your online sportsbook. 

For example, let’s say that a sportsbook has set an aggregate score of 40 for a clash between the Flashes and the Falcons. You only need to bet on whether the final aggregate will be over or under this score.


In a parlay, multiple bets across multiple possible outcomes are clubbed under a single wager. These bets don’t even need to be on the same game. For instance, you can combine a spread bet on the Flashes vs. the Falcons with an over/under bet on a different game under one wager. This gives you heightened odds compared to placing individual bets - however, you need to win every bet under the parlay to win the total payout. 

Prop bets

Proposition bets, or prop bets, are any bet that isn’t a moneyline, spread or score bet. Instead, you bet on an outcome that doesn’t necessarily need to affect a game’s result - such as which team will score first. 

Futures and outright bets

Both futures and outright bets are long-term bets. An outright bet is always on the championship winner, while futures are bets on individual awards at the end of the season - such as the MVP.

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