Best Cincinnati Bearcats Future Bets For 2022

Best Cincinnati Bearcats Future Bets For 2022

Sam Frohman
2 years ago
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Luke Fickell checks in with the quarterbacks during the first day of training camp

The Cincinnati Bearcats will take on another challenging season coming off their best season in the school’s history with a College Football Playoff berth. 

They were ultimately defeated by the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Cotton Bowl, but with so many new faces on this Bearcats’ team, this season will be much different.

Different could be both good and bad. They will be without star quarterback Desmond Ridder and cornerback Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, but their new talent could shine as some of the first recruits that Coach Luke Fickell has brought to Cincinnati. The Bearcats will have a tough test in week one when they go on the road to face Arkansas.

Let’s look at what are some of the best Cincinnati Bearcats future bets for the 2022 season.

Three Best Cincinnati Bearcats Future Bets

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American Championship Game Winner - Cincinnati (+190)

The Bearcats are the favorites to win both the American in the regular season and the championship game. Houston and UCF are the two schools who are the next likely to win the championship with odds of +250 and +320, respectively.

Cincinnati was able to win the American last year in their perfect season, but this year will be even more difficult with a tough road game to start off the year. The good thing is that the outcome of this game will not affect their conference record which shouldn’t hurt that bet. If the Bearcats are able to win this first game, this will be a big momentum boost for this young team.

Cincinnati Over Nine Total Season Wins (-140)

In the twelve game season, the Bearcats have room for mistakes if they don’t have another perfect season. Week One will be a big test. With a win, this bet looks even better, but if they lose, the bet is still alive. The Bearcats are not expected to win this game, but anything can happen in the first game of the season.

Besides the Arkansas game, Cincinnati will play Indiana at home on September 24th, SMU away on October 22nd and UCF away a week later. These are some tough games, but Cincinnati should be the favorites in most, if not all, of these matchups. If they are able to win two out of three of these matchups, this bet will end well.

Read our full Bearcats win total projections here.

Cincinnati To Make the College Football Playoff (+2000)

Everyone who is reading this knows it is a stretch that this is the last best special for the Bearcats. Is this likely to happen again with the new team that they have? I don’t think so, but if you’re a fan of Cincinnati, why not place a small bet on a potential fun outcome. A high potential buyout for a low price.

Some may argue that even with a perfect season, the Bearcats may not make the Playoff, but also who knows what can happen? Those same people said that the Bearcats wouldn’t make it last year and that they would be destroyed by Alabama, but both of those turned out to be untrue. Why not bet on this and hope for an unlikely outcome to happen for a big payout?

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